Joy Behar Cements Her Spot on the Mount Rushmore of Stupidity

CLAY: I think in the Mount Rushmore of stupidity right now, Joy Behar is right up there. Maybe it’s the name — Joy Behar, Joy Reid — there’s a lot of Joy stupidity out there. But Joy Behar, every time I hear a clip from her, I think this is the ranting madness of an imbecile. Joy Behar decided, Buck, to weigh in on the first —

BUCK: Relying upon her extensive legal-analysis background, Clay.

CLAY: Extensive legal training, Joy Behar, First Amendment — and she didn’t just weigh in on one amendment. She’s an expert on both the First and the Second Amendments. She said, in her opinion, maybe they need to be “tweaked.” Listen to this.

BEHAR: When the Founding Fathers were busy with the amendments the First and Second Amendments, they did not have AR-15s in there, weapons of war, and they didn’t have Twitter. So both amendments, I think, need to be tweaked a little bit.

BUCK: This is really important because this is an argument that people in the media will make, and it shows that they are morons right away. It’s great because it’s a moron litmus test, because you would also say the same thing about, “Oh, well, I guess they didn’t have telephones back then —

CLAY: Yes, or televisions or VCRs.

BUCK: “– or televisions, and so, you know, how can you know anything about any of these issues and how they would view it?” Look, the leftists are in a panic right now and they’re gonna say a lot of very dumb things. But unfortunately, when it comes to misinformation about the Constitution, that is all the left really does, right? There’s not gonna be any misinformation bans, Joy Behar saying, “The First Amendment doesn’t cover this and that, the Second Amendment doesn’t cover AR-15s.”

CLAY: I wish we had Joy Behar on the show because I would love for her to explain, okay. You’re arguing that the First and the Second Amendment need to be “tweaked.” Okay. So it’s kind of a big deal. Those are called amendments. But in a larger context, what would you change, Joy Behar? Instead of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington and James Madison and Alexander Hamilton and all these brilliant people that were involved in the formation of the government, we got Joy Behar out there. Joy, what do you think we need to tweak in the First and the Second Amendment? What tweak?

BUCK: Whatever makes it so that Clay Travis has to shut up and that Buck can’t go shooting with his brothers in Florida with the big, scary guns with all the things on them, where you grab the thing. It’s a machine pistol, bazooka and it’s scary. So, however you have to adjust the law, Clay, for that is what should be done.

CLAY: What is scary to me is the number of people that lack the basic tools to even analyze the First and the Second Amendment, and is she suggesting that — to your point — on television and… I’ll give you an easy example. The Fourth Amendment, when it comes to search and seizure, the phone is a fascinating interplay with the Fourth Amendment, right?

Are you required to turn over your phone? Are companies required to give passcodes? Can you have access to someone’s phone because for many people the phone right now that you carry around with you has aspect to every aspect of your life. Bank accounts, prescription medication, emails, everything in your life is now contained in many respects in your phone.

Well, obviously the Constitution, when it was written in the 1780s, did not encompass the idea that a telephone could ever exist. One of the truly fascinating elements of the law, Buck, is trying to figure out how to follow the technological path of the law and apply it to modern-day technology. It’s an easy political characterization.

BUCK: When they talk about the press, that means the printing presses back in the day. So we’re not actually just covering TV. Free speech isn’t just for people that have the typeset and the ink stains and are using parchment paper or quill pens or whatever, right? That’s actually not how we do constitutional jurisprudence in this country. But look, it almost feels like this is the slow kid in the class of Joy Behar. So I think we can let it go.

CLAY: I just would love to see a Joy Behar and Joy Reid show, the two of them debating the issues of day. Joy and Joy, bringing joy to the world. I think it would be the dumbest show that’s ever existed in the history of television if they put the two of them together.

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