Cuomo: Sometimes You Need an Emergency to Force Change

RUSH: See, here we go. Governor Cuomo: "Sometimes you need an emergency to force change." What change? Sometimes you need...? So now we're looking at this as a positive! Now some people are looking at this as a positive. Grab audio sound bite number 22. Here's Governor Cuomo assuring the media that cases are still going up.

CUOMO: We're studying the charts. We're trying to study the data, follow the data. The data is uneven. It bounces. Numbers often bounce in any model. There are variables in this model. You see the basic line is still up.

RUSH: Oh, goody.

CUOMO: What the statisticians will tell you is you basically draw the straight line that the columns indicate, and you see that we're still going up --

RUSH: Goody.

CUOMO: -- which is what we see on the overall trajectory, that we're still going up.

RUSH: So Governor Cuomo has reassured the media we're still going up -- we're still getting an increasing number of cases -- which is good for the get-Trump movement. Now it's good because "sometimes you need an emergency to force change." It's kind of like Rahm Emanuel. "You don't want to let a good crisis go to waste."


RUSH: Governor Cuomo, here's what he's talking about when he said that sometimes you need an emergency to force change, he's talking about ending the private hospital system. Here's the audio sound bite.

CUOMO: The conversation I had with these hospital leaders yesterday in that room, if it was not for the coronavirus, I would have never made it out of that room. I mean, what I was saying was so antithetical to the foundation of the business of health care in this state, which, by the way, is a multibillion-dollar business.

RUSH: Really?

CUOMO: It's rife with common sense, but sometimes you need the emergency to force change that would be very, very difficult otherwise.

RUSH: They want to get rid of the private hospital system in New York, have the state, I guess, take it over. And so they're gonna use the coronavirus as an opportunity to do this.