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BETTER options for TIME's 'Person of the Year' than Taylor Swift

TIME Magazine has named Taylor Swift its 'Person of the Year' for 2023 and Glenn and Stu have some ... thoughts. Yes, Swift has cemented herself as one of the most popular people in the world. But she also ruined football for Stu. So, are there any better options for person of the year? Glenn and Stu go through a few, including who the leftists should really choose: The presidents of Harvard, MIT, and UPenn who shockingly made excuses for anti-Semitic chants and threats. How, in the world of freakouts over "microagressions," can you make excuses for calling for the genocide?!

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GLENN: Stu, who would you choose? Who would you choose?

Think of the entire year, all of the things that have happened. Who?

Who would be the person of the year?

STU: Wow. Well, they usually name some horrible dictator.

You know what, the Hamas freedom fighter.

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

STU: Person of the year. Yes. There you go. No?

GLENN: Not the Israeli story.

Soldier. I think Hamas would have had a better chance of winning it.

STU: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: That's not who it was.

Come on. Come on.

Person of the year. Hmm.

STU: I mean, Zelinsky?

GLENN: Let me give you -- no. He's already --

STU: Putin?


STU: How about Zelinsky and Putin, arm and arm on the cover?


GLENN: Let me give you a hint.

With yet another dramatic reading.

Our secret moments in your crowded room. They have no idea about me and you. There's an indentation in the shape of you. Made your mark on me, golden tattoo.

You know yet?

STU: No.

GLENN: All this silence of patience, hiding in anticipation. My hands are shaking from holding back from you. Oh. Oh. Oh.

All of this silence and patience, pining and desperately waiting. My hands are shaking from all of this. Oh. Oh. Oh.

STU: Sounds like a person with an issue.

GLENN: Say my name, and everything just stops. I don't like you like a best friend. Only bought this dress so you could take it off.

Take it off.

STU: -- I appreciate at you not reading anymore of this. Whatever it is.

GLENN: Really? Come on. Who is it? Who is it?

STU: It sounds very interesting. And I would really like to know.

GLENN: It's the bicycle woman that just won.

STU: The bicycle woman?

GLENN: Yeah. The won that just won the bicycle race. You know, the guy who -- the --

STU: Wait. The transgendered guy who won the bicycle --

GLENN: Yeah. The women's bicycle race.

STU: I don't know who that person's name is.

GLENN: I only bought this dress so you could take it off.

You don't think that TIME Magazine would do the transgender movement?

STU: Maybe the male athletes. Trans women in sports is the person of the year?

GLENN: Yes. No.

STU: Did they write a very mediocre song?

GLENN: No. It is, of course, Taylor Swift.

STU: Oh. Tay Tay, congratulations.

GLENN: Person of the year. Now, I don't think that's shallow.

STU: I mean, she's a big entertainer.

GLENN: She is a big entertainer. She is a big entertainer.

STU: You know, lots of impact on my football watching. I got to see.

GLENN: I just want to bring it up because I know how much she means to you.

STU: She does.

I get to hear the pitch of, hey, did you know a player on your favorite team is related to the person who is dating this woman that you don't care about?

Let me talk about it for 48 straight minutes.

That's -- I love that, in every NFL broadcast.

GLENN: I know you do.

STU: But no. Taylor Swift. I mean, look, you can -- she had a heck of a year.

GLENN: Oh, she did.

STU: It really was an amazing year.

GLENN: She did. She's the entertainer to do.

STU: If you're going to give it to an entertainer, she's the obvious choice.

GLENN: Her or Jimmy Fallon. What a year he had.

STU: Trevor Noah. Would you put -- there's another one. But if you will give it to an entertainer -- it feels like there's a lot going on this year.

GLENN: She's the one. No. What was happening?

STU: There were multiple wars that broke out.

GLENN: Huh. Really?

STU: Yeah. Kind of had that. You had a lot of stuff going on, that was of large impact.

But maybe --

GLENN: The whistle-blowers? They would have been --

STU: Which ones?

The Hunter Biden ones? Any of the anti -- the ones that pointed out that we were just targeting Catholics for no reason, and calling them terrorists. Which ones -- none of them, by the way, that you would mention, would go to this. Unless it's a whistle-blower like Donald Trump. Then you have a chance.

GLENN: Right. Right. Right.

Sure. But how about the Ivy League presidents of Harvard MIT?

I mean, they're women. And they were -- they were fantastic, yesterday.

Fantastic on anti-Semitism.

STU: They've been very strong on that.

GLENN: They have been.

STU: Very strong.

GLENN: They're very anti-Semitic.

I mean, they're very good on that.

STU: You can put Rashida Tlaib. She's been the queen of the anti-Semites.

GLENN: Well, I think it's pretty hard to -- let me play a little of the testimony on Capitol Hill.

From the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and Penn. They were asked about, you know, the calls for genocide, of all the Jews on their campus.

Listen to this.

VOICE: At MIT, does calling for the genocide of Jews violate MIT's code of conduct or rules regarding bullying and harassment. Yes or no?

VOICE: Targeting individuals, not making public statements.

VOICE: Yes or no, calling for the genocide of Jews does not constitute bullying and harassment?

VOICE: I have not heard of calling for the genocide of Jews on our campus.

VOICE: But you've heard of chants for Antifa?

VOICE: I have heard chants, which can be anti-Semitic, depending on the context, calling for the elimination of the Jewish people.

GLENN: Stop. Stop. Stop. I just have to say. I have heard chants on campus. That could in the right context, be anti-Semitic.

Calling for the genocide of the Jewish people.

STU: Well, sometimes, when you call for the genocide of Jews. You're not being anti-Semitic at all.

You're looking for more living space.

Living space. That was a big -- that was another catchphrase, you might remember from Mystery. A living space.

GLENN: Not for them. But for us.

STU: For us. We need to spread out. Spread our wings out a little bit. Not enough room for the German people. They love our living space.

GLENN: All right. So she's heard chants that could --

STU: In theory. Now, we're not going to say that they were.

GLENN: No, they could be anti-Semitic in the right context.

You know, I don't know what context it would be anti-Semitic to say, we should have a genocide of all the Jews.

STU: There's probably one, though. Somewhere out there.

If we really searched.

GLENN: Okay. Let's continue.

STU: Incredible.

GLENN: So those would not be according to the MIT's code of conduct or rules?

VOICE: That would be investigated as harassment if pervasive and severe.

GLENN: Stop. Stop. Stop. If pervasive and severe.

Now, I think anybody standing at a rally, chanting death or genocide to all the Jews, I don't know. I think that's pretty severe.

STU: I would say, it is pretty severe.

And it seems, if it doesn't violate your code of conduct. Perhaps your code of conduct needs to be adjusted.

GLENN: Right. Did you go to Harvard, though?

STU: I did not.

I don't know what his policy is.

GLENN: I don't either. I don't either.

And I don't understand, you know, the intellect of Harvard. Let's go to MIT where they're even smarter.

VOICE: Ms. McGill, at Penn, does calling for the genocide of Jews violate Penn's rules or a code of conduct? Yes or no?

VOICE: If the speech turns into conduct, it can be harassment.

GLENN: Okay. Stop. Okay. Stop.

So --

STU: Interesting. Interesting.

GLENN: So if they're changing "death to all the Jews," and then -- but they round them all up.

STU: That's not -- and then they actually kill all Jews.

GLENN: Then it's harassment.

STU: At that point. Once they've wiped out all the Jews, we're going to act. Okay?

GLENN: Hey, they can build showers. They can build gas chambers. But the minute they start to use them.

STU: Well, and technically the speech is calling for genocide. So they probably have to wipe them all out before we act. That's when our code of conduct will kick in.

When there's no Jews left. We will be like, you know what, hey, guys, stop. And I bet they will at that point.

GLENN: Yeah. Okay. Here we go.

Well, there won't be any left.

STU: Right.

VOICE: Specifically calling for the genocide of Jews. Does that constitute bullying or harassment?

VOICE: If it is directed and severe and pervasive, it is harassment?

VOICE: So the answer is yes?

VOICE: It is a context-dependent decision. That's your testimony today, calling for the genocide of Jews?

GLENN: Context.

VOICE: It's based upon the context. That is not bullying or harassment?

PAT: This is the easiest question to answer yes, Ms. McGill. So is your testimony that you will not answer yes?

VOICE: If it -- if it --

VOICE: Yes or no?

VOICE: If the speech becomes conduct, it can be harassment, yes.

VOICE: Conduct meaning committing the act of genocide? The speech is not harassment?

This is unacceptable, Ms. McGill. I'm going to give you one more opportunity for the world to see your answer. Does calling for the genocide of Jews, violate Penn's code of conduct when it comes to bullying and harassment? Yes or no?

VOICE: It can be harassment.

VOICE: The answer is yes for him.

And Dr. Gay, at Harvard, does calling for the genocide of Jews, violate Harvard's rules of bullying and harassment?

Yes or no?

VOICE: It can be, depending on the context.

VOICE: What's the context?

VOICE: Targeted as an individual. Targeted at an individual.

VOICE: It's targeted at Jewish students. Jewish individuals.

Do you understand your testimony is dehumanizing them?

Do you understand that dehumanization is part of anti-Semitism?

I will ask you one more time, does calling for the genocide of enjoys, violate Harvard's rules of bullying and harassment?

Yes or no?

VOICE: Anti-Semitic rhetoric -- anti-Semitic rhetoric when it crosses into conduct. It amounts to bullying and harassment --

GLENN: I can't believe this. I can't believe this.

If you have a microaggression, which is not saying --

STU: Right.

GLENN: -- we should kill all of you.

Okay? A microaggression, they need a safe space.

Everybody needs to go cry. And be protected.

STU: If you use the wrong pronouns. They put these things in these categories.

And calling for the genocide of Jews.

You know what, if it's targeted toward an individual. Well, technically, if you're calling for the genocide of the whole race, it's not targeted at an individual. It's all individuals.

Every single one of them.

So I guess, maybe that's their out.

Also, I will say, you know, that's one of the best grilling -- I mean, that is -- she did a really good job of that.

GLENN: Oh, really good job.

STU: Now, I will say, it should have been easy for them to say.

You can look at. What you don't maybe get on radio.

The faces of these women, as they are trying to answer these questions.

They are so smug, and so like, oh, this -- she -- I see what you're trying to do here.

And I'm not going to fall for it.

Well, it depends on the content.

GLENN: Hang on. What are you trying to do there?

STU: Yeah. You're trying to trap her.

To make them say the Palestinian protestor kids are bad.

It's like, yeah. When they're calling for the genocide of the Jews, yeah, they are. You should be able to say that. With real confidence.

GLENN: Yes. Should be really easy. By the way.

STU: Even more confident than the pronoun mistake. That you will throw ten kids out of your school for next week.

GLENN: Here is a Jewish student. That is suing UPenn, describing anti-Semitism.

VOICE: On October 7th, Israel was attacked.

Since October 7th, American Jews have been under attack. My name is Aioli Cody (phonetic), and I'm a proud American, studying at the University of Pennsylvania.

I love Penn. I have wanted to attend this university since before I could remember.

I am here because the Penn I attend today is unrecognizable from the Penn I once used to know.

Penn, once renowned for groundbreaking discoveries, like the mRNA vaccine, is now a chilling landscape of hatred and hostility.

Our university revered for its pursuit of knowledge, has devolved into an arena where Jewish students tiptoe through their days, on certain and unsafe.

Not only are tensions palpable, but there have also been materialized actions to intimidate and harm students, a bomb threat against Halal, a swastika spray-painted, the Hilal and Shabbat houses vandalized. A professor in the armed wing of Hamas' logo on Facebook. A Jewish student accosted. Jews are Nazis, etched adjacent to Penn's Jewish fraternity house.

Why doesn't the University hold the perpetrators of such acts accountable?

Is the university fearful that they may offend those who wish to intimidate and harass their fellow students.

Penn's ambivalence fuels a crisis that is shattered by academic sanctuary.

Policies meant to safeguard us, have become hollow promises. And let us be clear, if they fail Jewish students today, tomorrow they will fail the rest of us.

GLENN: It was powerful. Yesterday was a very powerful day.

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