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3 NAZI-LIKE leftist trends the media should CONDEMN instead of Trump

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace recently claimed that former president Donald Trump has an "affinity FOR Hitler." But how many times in the past month has this same mainstream media spewed Hamas talking points in the name of exposing Israeli "oppression?" Glenn argues that maybe instead of trying to paint Trump as Hitler 2.0, the media should speak out against the real fascist movements of our time, including Great Britain's embrace of the arguments of eugenics and global progressives' love for public-private partnerships. (Newsflash: Hitler loved these too!)

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GLENN: Who was it on CNBC. I think it was NBC.

That was talking about, you know, how Donald Trump just loves Hitler.

STU: Oh, this is their new thing.

They're doing it like crazy. They just keep saying. Oh, Trump.

The clip I think I saw which was probably the same one. Was I think Nicole Wallace. Who was supposedly a former Republican.

Saying, look, you know, Trump's typical love of Hitler is expressed out of -- that he's just so stupid, he loves Hitler.

But in reality, it's much worse than that.

And it's like, wait. What previous love of Hitler?

Did I miss a news story or two?

I don't know exactly what that was.

GLENN: His love for Hitler.

STU: It's an interesting thing. Jared Kushner should be alerted, immediately.

GLENN: I know. And the Jewish state.

Wow. He made an amazing deal, for Israel. Moved the -- moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Wow, he's a really bad Hitler.

STU: Legitimately, you can argue, it's his greatest accomplishment as president.

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

STU: What he did in the Middle East.

GLENN: You could argue, was his greatest accomplishment.


So we welcome Pat Gray from Pat Gray Unleashed. Pat, with an exception of I want to put Jews in crematorium, which I could argue they're on that path.

You know, siding with Iran. And siding with the Palestinians.

Who are saying, burn the Jews. Send them to Germany.

Hitler was right. All of these things.

STU: If you're in -- if there's a giant crowd of protesters. Pro Palestinian protesters.

How many steps do you have to take, until you bump into someone, who would say, gas the Jews?

Four? How many steps?

Is it three? Too many.

PAT: It's too many.

STU: It's not a lot.

It's not 80. I will tell you that.

GLENN: No. It's not.

PAT: No.

GLENN: So you have that. Where they're flirting with it.

And they keep making this deal. That they hate Hitler.

Which I personally do.

I hate him for.

STU: Not a fan.

GLENN: Yeah. Multiple reasons.

But I don't think they do.

Look at what's happening.

PAT: My gosh, they just found copies of Mein Kampf, on -- in terrorist headquarters in Hamas.

GLENN: Yeah, and it was -- and they were highlighting all the things about the Jews.

PAT: Yeah. Yeah.

GLENN: What are they doing in Britain? What did they do yesterday?

PAT: Britain's high court, essentially gave a death sentence to an eight-month baby girl.

This baby girl had a -- some rare disease, and they couldn't -- they weren't going to treat her anymore. In Britain.

They were like, okay. Let us take her somewhere else.

GLENN: They had the money. Everything.

PAT: Yeah. Italy said, we'll pay for it. We'll bring your baby here.

We will -- we have a new treatment, that is working pretty well. Shows some promise.

And this will give you more time with your baby. It's on us.

Come here. And we'll treat her. Britain's high court said, no. No.

GLENN: Not --

PAT: Not only that. But I'm just -- because we're turning off all of the lifesaving machinery that's on her. She was on life support. They turned it off. And sent her not home, but to some nursing facility.

And so instead of allowing her to die with the family, the family had to go to this nursing facility, and the baby did die right away. Rather than allow her to go to Italy, who was completely willing to cover all of it.

GLENN: So what happened to the Jews?

With Germany, happened after the progressives. The eugenics people. All killed. Babies, and children.

And old people.

And the infirmed. Just like what's happening in Great Britain, and in Canada.

PAT: It was the -- it was the kind thing to do, to allow them to die with dignity.

Really? Is that what you're doing?

GLENN: And that's what they're saying. I don't understand how half the country.

PAT: How about you let the parents decide?

GLENN: You know, you keep saying that your -- you know, you are against Hitler. Okay. So how about not public/private partnerships. Because that's what Hitler did.

STU: Go back and read liberal fascism. Right? Where you will see, the point of that book basically was, outside of the killing all the Jews things, there's a lot of similarities here, between the modern left and the fascists of that day.

But when you look at what's happening with Israel right now and the protests.

And the people in Congress. Who sound an awful lot like the rhetoric of those days from Germany.

Because they are literally echoing the -- they're at the very least propping up and supporting the people who do believe that Hitler did the right thing.


At the very least, they're supporting them. They're repeating their propaganda. They're acting as if they're neutral parties in this.

And reliable narrators of this whole thing.

And, well, you keep saying, I can't believe Trump, he's just like Hitler.

Well, what -- why is that even an insult from you? You seem to like almost all of his policies. Where is the line?

What is the thing that they want to happen. Because I always want to come back to. I always kill the Jews. I don't know.

Recently, I'm questioning that assumption.

PAT: Listen to the rhetoric. The rhetoric coming from the left.

They do have a deep-seated hatred for Jews. They just do.

GLENN: They do. They do.

PAT: It's scary. It's really frightening. From a time, 75 years ago, when we said, never again.

To a time now, already. Where it's kind of fomenting right now.

GLENN: And all of the same.

This is what I said, in 2008. All of the old hatreds that we saw in the 1930s, will come roaring back.

STU: Yeah. You've said that a million times.

What's so strange about it. I don't know. I get so fooled about this assumption. That we pass these things.

Racism was that thing for a while ago. Anti-Semitism was that thing for a while ago.

Thank God we passed that era.

Eugenics was a long time ago. It was a hundred years ago.

Look, it's important to understand it. But it's not here today. Let's make sure we avoid it. But like, these things keep coming back.

Like the old hatreds keep returning over and over again. I don't --

GLENN: It's like the Gods of the copybook headings.

STU: 100 percent.

And it's like I don't understand it.

I don't understand how you can let a baby die, when you have a chance.

PAT: I don't either. I don't either.

STU: And their parents want them to live.

It's free!

PAT: Yeah.

STU: Every little bump you could come up with. Every argument to say, well, sorry, we have to kill the kid, because it will cost us $12. All right. The $12 is paid for. Now, what? And still the baby dies. Why?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: It's a culture of death. That's the only thing I can come up -- it's evil. And it's a culture of death. And I can't -- I mean, because of what's happening in the Middle East.

I keep coming back. What was God's commandment to his chosen people?

As they're getting into the Promised Land. What does he say to them?

PAT: Live long and prosper. Wait. Maybe that's -- am I messing up --

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: He said, choose life. Choose life.

And that makes so much sense.

In a way that it's never made sense to me before.

You know, of course, we choose life.

I've always -- of course we choose life. Yeah, we choose life. We're America, we choose life.

Okay. The abortion thing.

But look at, every single thing, that is being pushed is death.

PAT: Yep.

GLENN: It is all death.

PAT: It's a death cult. The left is a death cult.

GLENN: All the way down to the -- the -- going in and mutilating our children.

That is -- that ends in that line, dying.

Because you cannot have children.

So it's dead. That line is dead.

STU: Not to mention, they call it dead naming.

When you change, you're basically killing off the person that you were. For this new person. I was going to say, new and improved.

But I was going to say, it wasn't an improvement.

But the new and improved version of you. You're not allowed to mention Bruce Jenner anymore.

It really is -- you get down these roads. And it's like, where?

Where? What's the other explanation? Other than, just these people are bad people who like bad things?

GLENN: They are. They are.

STU: I don't know.

GLENN: To quote Hillary Clinton, they are early 20th century progressives. This -- they did all of these same things.

PAT: That's never been as true as it is now.

GLENN: They did all these same things. They were sterilizing people. They were silencing people. They were putting you in jail, for your political opinion.

All of that stuff, is that an early 20th century, American progressive. And that's who they are.

Period. That's who they are.

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