Video: 'Giant Rat' Pulled from Mexico City Drainage System

A drainage cleaning project in Mexico City took a bizarre turn when workers unearthed a giant rat costume that was unsettlingly similar to a real rodent. The nightmarish piece of debris was reportedly part of a massive haul of 22 tons of garbage that had been fished out of the city's drainage system in an effort to alleviate a flooding problem which has plagued the community over the last few weeks due to heavy rain. As one might imagine, the enormous 'rat' constituted quite the clog and spawned something of a mystery as far as where it came from and how it got in the drain.

A resident named Evelin Lopez eventually came forward to claim ownership of the oddity and explained that it is a human-sized rat costume that she acquired as a Halloween decoration but subsequently lost when it was swept away by floodwaters long ago. How such a huge object could wind up in Mexico City's drainage system remains unanswered as does what Lopez plans to do with the 'rodent' now that it's back in her possession. More on this story at the Coast to Coast AM website.