Malaysian 'Ghost' Scares Teenagers Breaking Coronavirus Lockdown

Concerned about youngsters in his community not adhering to the country's coronavirus lockdown, a Malaysian man attempted to scare them straight and wound up causing something of a ghost panic. The odd idea was reportedly the brainchild of Muhammad Urabil Alias, who had grown irritated by the "stubborn" teens that continued to congregate at night in his town of Chukai despite government orders to avoid such gatherings in order to fight the pandemic. And so, over the weekend, he decided to send the youngsters a message by way of some spooky photos that ultimately captured the imagination of Malaysians residents far beyond his neighborhood.

On Saturday evening, Alias posted pictures on social media of an eerie-looking figure wearing a white robe and beard while standing atop a van outside his home. Although the photos were largely made in jest with the hopes that they might scare some teenagers into staying inside, the images quickly went viral in Malaysia as people genuinely believed that the man had encountered a ghost. And, amazingly, it would appear that they served their purpose beyond what even Alias had expected as he marveled that "when I uploaded the pictures on Facebook, everyone panicked and was scared to go out at night."

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