Prankster with TV on Head Leaves Old TVs on Porches in Virginia

A clever prankster sporting a television set on their head deposited old TVs on the porches of dozens of homes throughout a neighborhood in Virginia over the weekend. The bizarre stunt reportedly occurred overnight on Saturday in the community of Glen Allen. According to one police official, more than 50 of the out-fashioned vacuum tube-style TVs were found at the doorsteps of residents on Sunday morning.

The elaborate stunt was made all the more weirder when doorbell camera footage of mysterious individual behind the prank revealed that they had gone all-in on the joke by also wearing a television set on their head. To their credit, most residents who received the TVs had a sense of humor about the whole thing, although workers for the town may have been a bit more chagrined as they had to drive around the neighborhood on Sunday morning and pick up all the discarded sets.

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