Bigfoot Howl Recorded in Kentucky?

A weird piece of footage circulating online features an eerie series of howls emanating from a forest in Kentucky and some suspect that the source of the creepy sounds could be Sasquatch. The unnerving moment was captured on a Facebook broadcast this past Friday by a man named Shaun Hammonds at his home in the city of Whitesburg.

In the video, an unsettled Hammonds dashes towards the treeline at the edge of his property and points his cell phone camera towards a heavily wooded area. "What is that," he wonders as a loud and ominous howl emerges from the forest. Hammonds is soon joined by his wife, who asks what is making the spooky sound, but her husband concedes that he has no idea.

Check out the video and see if you can decipher what was behind the howls at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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