Video: 'Whistleblowing Time Traveler' Says His Story Was an Elaborate Hoax

A Minnesota teenager claims that he was a prominent YouTube 'time traveler' and, to the surprise of very few, he says that his entire tale was an elaborate hoax. The not-altogether-shocking revelation comes by way of a young man named Denis Bel, who posted a video this past Saturday with his account of allegedly portraying a man from 2030 that went by the name of 'Noah.' For those unfamiliar with the cast of characters in the weird world of 'whistleblowing time travelers,' this particular individual was one of the first to appear on the scene and starred in numerous videos for the YouTube channel Apex TV.

According to Bel, he decided to come forward and unmask because being 'Noah' had become too stressful for him as people were beginning to figure out that he was the person in the videos. "I can't do this stupid character anymore," he declared, musing that "I have to get rid of this looming that's above me that keeps making me scared of being exposed." The young man also reportedly expressed regret for his role in what he described as a long-running hoax. However, Bel's video was subsequently flagged by YouTube for what they said was copyrighted footage of the time traveler videos that starred 'Noah.'

Fortunately, Bel gave an interview (seen above) with another channel and provided even more details about his experience. In the video, the faux time traveler claims that he was paid only $20, plus a $100 'bonus' when the footage went viral, for his first 'performance,' which amassed millions of viewers and in many ways sparked the trend which really rose to prominence in 2018. Bel lamented that, over course of several videos featuring 'Noah,' he had to keep track of all the plot details which he conjured up for the time traveler's story, resulting in a situation that proved to be quite exhausting as the tale grew increasingly complex. "At first it was fun to play Noah, because it was just a big joke," Bel said, "but eventually I stopped laughing."

More on this truly strange twist to an already bizarre story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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