Latest Amber Room Search is a Bust

The latest search for the legendary lost Amber Room failed to find the riches which have eluded treasure hunters since the end of World War II. In what seems to be something of an annual occurrence, headlines were made last month when a researcher claimed to have located a curious spot in a Polish town which he believed could contain the ornate gold and amber paneling that was stolen from a Russian palace by the Nazis during WWII and subsequently went missing during the chaotic final days of the conflict.

What made this most recent 'area of interest' particularly intriguing is that treasure hunter Karl-Heinz Kleine and his team had not only found a subterranean void in the community of Wegorzewo, but they'd also stumbled upon a hatch that would presumably provide them a way into the chamber. The mysterious location was made all the more tantalizing by the fact that a tree had grown over the entrance, meaning that no one had accessed the underground chamber for a very long time.

And so it was with great fanfare that a team of workers from the Mamerki Bunker Museum reportedly descended upon the spot late last month with the hopes of unearthing the Amber Room and solving the mystery once and for all. Find out what they found at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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