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Bobby Gunther Walsh

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Gunther Guests - July 1st - July 5th

Gunther Guests - Week of July 1st -

Monday, July 1st -

·5:10am – Bruce L. Castor Jr. – One-Time Solicitor General, and Acting Attorney General of PA, among the many other offices he has held. And he is a Spokesman and Attorney with United Sovereign Americans – They have filed a historic lawsuit in PA about all the election irregularities that occurred in the 2022 election. And they are not asking for results to be changed, but they are asking for changes to be made in the election process going forward. -

·9:10am – Kenin Spivak – Geopolitical Analyst – Talking about the Presidential Debates. What does Biden’s performance mean for us Geopolitically? -

·9:40am – Mel K. – Host of the Mel K Podcast – Talking about her new book: ‘Americans Anonymous: Restoring Power to the People One Citizen at a Time.’ And she’ll give her reaction to the debate. |,, X: TheMelKShow

Tuesday, July 2nd -  

·5:10am – Mel K.

·9:10am – John Guandolo – Former FBI and National Security Consultant – Co-Author and Author of Several Books on Islam and Sharia including his latest book: ‘Islam’s Deception: The Truth About Sharia’ – He will talk about the Debate. He says Biden is Toast and Democrats are in full freak out mode … but this has been part of a plan all along to bring on another candidate. | Linked In: John Guandolo

·9:40am – Christina Bobb – Author of ‘Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024’ and Investigative Attorney. Her Legal Career Began in the U.S. Marine Corp. as a Defense Attorney for Marines and Sailors. – Talking about the Biden Debate Performance. Where we go from here? And, does she feel things have been corrected to protect the integrity of the vote? | Instagram: @Christina_Bobb | X: @christinabobb |

Wednesday, July 3rd  -

·5:10am – Christina Bobb

·9:10am – Charles Marino – Author of the book: ‘Terrorists on the Border and In Our Country’ – Talking about: Terrorists are here, and they are exploding Biden’s Weakness. |

·9:40am – Lee Habeeb – Author of ‘Our American Stories’ – As we head into the Independence Day Holiday … he’ll talk about some of the American Stories that haven’t been talked about and hopefully get us in the mood for the July 4th Holiday. |

Thursday, July 4th -

·5:10am - Lee Habeeb

·9:10am – Gunther’s Independence Day Show with songs, poems, patriotic music, stories and more!  

Friday, July 5th -

·5:10am – Charles Marino

·9:10am – Tom Del Beccaro – Writer for Political Vanguard, Epoch Times and Newsmax – Author of the Book: ‘The Lessons of the American Civilization’ – Talking about his book, the Biden Debate and how he thinks things are going to play out going forward. |

·9:40am – Steve Rabb – Author of the book: ‘The Founder’s Speech to a Nation in Crisis: What the Founders Would Say to America Today’ – He’ll talk about his book. And what would the Founders say to us today about what’s going on? |

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