Bobby Gunther Walsh

Bobby Gunther Walsh

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Gunther Guests - April 1st - April 5th

Gunther Guests - Week of April 1st -

Monday, April 1st -  

·5:10am- Daniel R. Street – He will talk about Biden’s War against Texas Immigration Laws, and how it’s pushing us to a Constitutional Crisis. | or Follow him on Substack: Daniel R Street Fake News Exposed

·9:10am- Dani Katz – Author of ‘The Language of Betterarchy: A Blueprint for Uniting Against Tyranny’ and the creator of POP Propaganda – Giving her reaction to some comments made recently by Democrats … calling some women in the party ‘preachy females.’ And, will woke women destroy the Democrat Party like James Carville was worried about? | |

·9:40am- Julie Behling – Writer and Director of ‘Beneath Sheep’s Clothing’ … a new documentary film. She is the author of the companion book: ‘Beneath Sheep’s Clothing: The Communist Takeover of Culture in The USSR and The Parallel’s in Today’s America’ – She’ll talk about her documentary and her book, and the topics discussed in both Monday Morning. |  

Tuesday, April 2nd -

·5:10am - Dani Katz

·9:10am- Brian McCulloch – Newly Elected School Board Member in the Northampton Area School District – There is another school board meeting coming up on Thursday. He is trying to rally the troops to save Moore Elementary School, and to get your voices heard on the School Board.

·9:40am – Mel K. – Talking about how NBC employees had a meltdown over Ronna McDaniel being hired by the Network. She’ll discuss that, Cultural Issues, the Presidential Race, and more. |

Wednesday, April 3rd -  

·5:10am- Mel K.

·9:10am- Daniel L. Bolz – Author of ‘America’s Freedom Megaphone: The Case for Building the Statue of Enduring Freedom’ – He’ll talk about that and is the Baltimore Bridge Collapse a symbol of Joe Biden’s destruction. |

·9:40am- Tom Nelson - Producer of the Documentary ‘Climate: The Movie’ –  He exposes Climate Alarmism … being just that, invented to scare, without any basis in science. | Tom Nelson on You Tube

Thursday, April 4th -

·5:10am- Tom Nelson

·9:10am-  Vince Feldman – President of the PA Chapter of Children’s Health Defense –– He is in town on Thursday Night speaking before the Lehigh Valley Tea Party about Robert Kennedy’s Book ‘The Wuhan Coverup’ - |

·9:40am- John Suarez – Executive Director of the Center for a Free Cuba – He is also appearing before the Tea Party on Thursday Night, and is waking up the woke crowd as to who really has freedom and who is suffering. |

Friday, April 5th -  

·5:10am- Daniel L. Bolz

·9:10am- Dr. John Lott – He is saying Joe Biden’s newly created Red Flag Center defies the Constitution in more ways than one. He will tell you why, Friday Morning. | and

·9:40am-  Ethan Peck – The Anti-Defamation League has smeared Ethan Peck as being an Anti-Semite … the only problem, he is Jewish. He’ll talk about how the Anti-Defamation League has been infiltrated by the Left. |


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