Bobby Gunther Walsh

Bobby Gunther Walsh

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Gunther Guests - Nov. 6th - Nov. 10th

Gunther Guests - Week of Nov. 6th -  

Monday, Nov. 6th -

·5:10am - Angelic Schneider - Talking about a current member of the East Penn School Board protesting at a BLM Protest and other current members voting for Trans-Gender students being in the female locker rooms and bathrooms. She’ll talk about that, and why you should vote for her and members of her Team on Monday! | On Facebook: Your Voice on the Board

·9:15am - Matt Mull - Running for School Board in East Penn School District - He will talk about himself, and other members of his Team that are running together. Why should you vote for them? And he’ll talk about some fights in the East Penn School District … what would his team do about school safety and fights in the District? | On Facebook: Your Voice on the Board

·9:40am - Dean Browning - Former Lehigh County Commissioner - He is addressing the race for County Controller between Robert Smith and Mark Pinsley. Dean will address the allegations of controversial campaign contributions that Pinsley has received, and other controversy surrounding Mark Pinsley. | Dean Browning on FB /

Tuesday, Nov. 7th -   

·5:10am- Dean Browning

·9:15am – Dean Browning - Former Lehigh County Commissioner - He will discuss the various School Board and Township Supervisor Races.  | Dean Browning on FB /

·9:40am - Walt Larimore Md. - Author of: ‘At First Light: A True World War II Story of a Hero, His Bravery and An Amazing Horse’ - This is an incredible story that is coming to light after all these years. Walt’s Father’s Phillip is one of the heroes of the story, and Walt is an Author of over 40 books, and an award-winning Medical Journalist. |

Wednesday, Nov. 8th -   

·5:10am - Walt Larimore Md.

·9:15am - Jake Lang - a 28-Year-Old who is a January 6th Political Prisoner - He’s been in jail for over 1000 days without a trial. He will tell his story. |

·9:40am - David Rubin, Former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel - Checking in LIVE from Israel. He will talk about his organization: Shiloh Israel Children Fund. He’ll tell you how you can help … they need it more than ever! And, he’ll tell you how he is doing, and how the Israeli people feel about Israel’s response to Hamas. | /

Thursday, Nov. 9th -  

·5:10am - Jake Lang

·9:15am – Paul Kamenar - Lead Council for the National Legal and Policy Center - He analyzes the Plea Deal of Former Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis and he’ll analyze the Trump Fraud Trial. |

·9:40am – Tom Del Beccaro - Writer for Political Vanguard, Epoch Times and a Multi-Time Author - He is talking about Israel and the Biden Team’s handling of it, and other hot topics including the latest on Donald Trump and Hunter Biden.  |

Friday, Nov. 10th -  

·5:10am- Paul Kamenar

·9:15am - Dean Browning - Former Lehigh County Commissioner - He will be on to analyze the results of Tuesday’s Election. Who turned out? Who didn’t? Where do we stand now? | Dean Browning on FB /

·9:40am - Gregg Roman - Director of the Middle East Forum, Writer for News Week, The New Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel - He will discuss the latest on Israel, Hamas and how it’s impacting the Middle East. How does he think the Biden Team is doing? And more! He will be LIVE from the Middle East. |

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