Lady Gaga Reacts As 'Stupid Love' Interrupts Coronavirus Council Meeting

Leave it to Lady Gaga!

The proud Italian’s “Stupid Love” has become an instant favorite in Italy, as heard in a video taken from an important conference concerning the serious coronavirus epidemic. In the clip, which surfaced on the web Tuesday (March 3), council members couldn’t help but crack smiles and laughs when someone’s phone unexpectedly chimed with the sounds of Gaga’s new dance groove. It was only a matter of time before the clip made its way to the “Born This Way” songstress herself, who retweeted the video with the quip, “and this is why I make music.”

“Queen of disrupting serious worldwide conferences,” one fan dubbed the pop star in a comment.

Another joked, “This ain’t lmao, I’m legit scared. Play stupid love at my funeral though.”

Although the light-hearted moment may have been hilarious, Italy’s brush with the fast-spreading disease has been nothing to laugh about. According to The Union Journal, over 2,500 infections have been reported in Europe, with at least 79 reported coronavirus-related deaths in Italy. The diseases originated in China, and has claimed multiple lives since spreading to the United States.

Gaga’s “Stupid Love” appears after years of high anticipation for her sixth studio album, Chromatica, slated for release on April 10. The "Alejandro" star officially announced her long-awaited project earlier this week, sharing a pink circular symbol, which fans suspect will have even greater symbolism in her new music era.

Listen to her first new single from the record above.

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Photo: YouTube/Lady Gaga