Thank You! $206,267 Raised for the Children's Home of Easton!

Children's Home of Easton / WAEB Christmas Party 2022 - Powered by: MTM Financial Group!Photo: Mandy / Promotions


The FINAL TOTAL for our WAEB / Children's Home of Easton Children's Christmas Gift Drive and Party was $206,267! And we received double the number of purchased gifts as well.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are awesome. We can't thank our WAEB listeners enough!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

This year's party was in loving memory of our friend Wayne Chenevert ... we forever thank him for his kindness and will think of him each time we see Santa rolling in the Gym on the Motorcycle Sled.

Thank you to our sponsor:

Gunther would like to personally thank the following folks:

  • First and Foremost - Our WAEB Listeners ... THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We can't do this without you. There aren't enough words to tell you how much WE appreciate YOU!
  • MTM Financial Group / Gene Dickison and His Team
  • Ironton Telephone - Powering our Donation Lines!
  • PenTeleData - For POSTING / HOSTING our Children's Wish List again this year!
  • Dan McMahon and Tara Gomez / The Children's Home of Easton Team - Such a GREAT help to Gunther during the WAEB Radiothon!
  • Mandy and the WAEB Team: Jeff, Archie, Craig, Dan - THANK YOU for all you do behind the scenes and ensuring a smooth broadcast day of event!
  • The Gilbert Family - Sing for America
  • Star Touring and Riding Chapter 386
  • Unangst Tree Farm
  • Snowscapes
  • Elizabeth Mulrine Catering
  • Rob Serulneck & Lehigh Sweets
  • Lowell Linde Photography
  • All of our Challenge Hour Sponsors and the LISTENERS who answered the Call to Match!
  • All of the folks who CAME OUT to the PARTY this Year!

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