Gunther Guests - Week of June 27th

Gunther Guests – Week of June 27th -

Monday, June 27th  -  

·5:10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – Talking about the Biden Administration continuing its assault on U.S. National Security by providing Former Taliban Associates with Visas and Asylum. |  

·9:15am – Former Mayor of Shiloh Israel, David Rubin – Israeli Prime Minister Bennett resigns and calls for new elections... What led to the demise of Prime Minister Bennett so quickly into his new administration? What’s going on in Israel? And who does David think the contenders will be in the next election.  | /

·9:45am – Stephen Willeford, Represents Gun Owners of America, and is also known as the Good Guy with a Gun for helping to stop the largest mass shooting in Texas State History. He’ll talk about the Supreme Court’s decision on the Conceal Carry of Weapons and the Left’s Meltdown because of it. | /

Tuesday, June 28th -     

·5:10am – Stephen Willeford

·9:15am – Ed Martin – President of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles ... as you know, Phyllis Schlafly was one of the earliest and most vocal opponents of abortion on demand. Ed Martin heads up the organization that Phyllis founded, and he’s on to talk about the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade. |

·9:40am – Allen Parker, President of the Justice Foundation.  Parker represented Norma McCorvey... who was the Roe in Roe V. Wade and he represented Sandra Cano ... the Doe... in Doe Vs. Bolton. He’ll give his reaction on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe V. Wade and much more. |  

Wednesday, June 29th  -   

·5:10am – Allen Parker

·9:15am – Michael Busler - Professor of Economics at Stockton University. Featured Columnist with Newsmax, the Hill, the Western Journal and Town Hall – Are we now in a recession? He’ll discuss the worsening economy... and just how bad can it get? | Facebook: Michael Busler or Funding Democracy | Twitter: @MBusler

·9:45am – John Spencer, a Retired Army Major... considered the World’s Leading Expert on Urban Warfare – He just returned from Kyiv... he’ll talk about the ongoing war between Russia and the Ukraine. What is really going on? He’ll give us the birds eye view. He’ll also talk about his book ‘Connected Soldiers.’  |

Thursday, June 30th -   

·5:10am – Michael Busler

·9:15am – Patrina Mosley – Project 21 Member, and Founder and Principal at PPM Consulting, LLC (focusing on women’s dignity issues with a special focus on the African-American community) – She’ll discuss the Supreme Court Abortion Decision. She will talk about the 20 million black lives lost to abortion and she says this is the second greatest reversal next to slavery! |

·9:45am – Erika Sanzi – Director of Outreach for Parents Defending Education – Talking about: The Biden Administration’s efforts to destroy Title 9. |

Friday, July 1st -     

·5:10am – Patrina Mosley

·9:15am – Pete Hutchison – President of Landmark Legal Foundation – He’s talking about several Supreme Court decisions... including the Supreme Court striking down NY State’s Restrictive Right to Carry Laws and the Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion. |

·9:45am -


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