Gunther Guests Week of July 6 - July 10

Monday, July 6:

  • 5:10am - Retired INS agent Michael Cutler is discussing how an attack on police is an attack on America. .
  • 9:10am - David Shestokas, former state prosecutor, Constitutional expert and a multi-time author, is talking about his Mt. Rushmore visit over the Independence Day weekend and how Democrats are Constitutionally in error by desiring to make Washington DC a state.
  • 9:40am - Dr. Michael Brown will be discussing his new book “Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass the Trump Test?” Can and should evangelicals support President Trump? He’ll also discuss the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion.

Tuesday, July 7:

  • 5:10am - Dr. Michael Brown
  • 9:10am - Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari is an Iranian-born American soldier and a Middle East expert and also a Congressional candidate in Illinois’ 9th Congressional District in Chicago. He’s also CEO of The Near East Center for Strategic Engagement. He’ll discuss his run for Congress and while we’re busy tearing down statues, China is eating our lunch.
  • 9:40am - Cornell University Professor William Jacobson, founder of the Legal Insurrection blog, is talking about being attacked by fellow faculty and others for questioning the motives of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Wednesday, July 8:

  • 5:10am - William Jacosbon
  • 9:10am - St. Sen. Doug Mastriano offers his take on the latest pronouncements from Gov. Wolf, Dr. Rachel Levine and the Republicans’ unwillingness to stand up to those pronouncements and stand up for the people.
  • 9:40am - Matt Brouillette, President and CEO of Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs. He’s reacting to the Supreme Court’s devastating blow to Pennsylvania businesses by siding with Gov. Wolf. He’ll also talk about where do we go from here.

Thursday, July 9:

  • 5:10am - St. Sen. Doug Mastriano
  • 9:10am - Dr. Matthew Bunson, Executive Editor of EWTN News, will talk about whether Joe Biden as a pro-abortion candidate for President is a problem for U.S. bishops and whether it should be a problem for U.S. voters. He’ll also talk about whether Pope Francis is anti-President Trump.
  • 9:40am - TBD

Friday, July 10:

5:10am - Dr. Matthew Bunson

9:10am - Kathy Barnette, 4th Congressional District candidate, is talking about her campaign and her opinion of Black Lives Matter and all the racial chaos happening now.

9:40am - Vincent Everett Ellison, author of “The Iron Triangle: Inside the Liberal Democrat Plan to Use Race to Divide Christians and America” He’ll talk about his book and the latest on Black Lives Matter and the ‘race war.’