Gunther Guests - Week of Dec. 11 - Dec. 15th

Gunther Guests - Week of Dec. 11th

WAEB / Children’s Home of Easton Christmas Present Drive sponsored by: MTM Financial. Ironton Telephone Pledge Line: 610-841-4999 | Our annual WAEB Christmas Party is December 16th at the Children’s Home of Easton. To see the children’s wish list, visit! Thank you for helping us make CHRISTMAS BRIGHT for the Children’s Home of Easton kids.

Monday, Dec. 11th -

·5:10am- Robert Bortins – CEO of Classical Conversations… which supports Classical Christian Homeschoolers in all 50 states and in 30 foreign countries. He is saying “America’s Public Schools are on their last leg” … why does he think that? Hear more Monday! |

·9:15am- Steve Gruber - Investigative Journalist and Radio Host. He has a new documentary: ‘Flatline: America’s Hospital Crisis’ – Now available at Epoch TV. | Facebook: SteveGruberShow | |

·9:40am- David Osborne – Senior Fellow of Labor Policy with the Commonwealth Foundation. He’s the Co-Author of an article which discussed just how much Government Unions spent on Leftist causes. We’ll discuss that topic, Monday. |

Tuesday, Dec. 12th  -

·5:10am- David Osborne

·9:15am- Lee Williams, aka the Gun Writer – Chuck Schumer has proposed a so-called assault weapon ban, and the Second Amendment Foundation is prepared for the fight. He’ll talk about that and other Second Amendment Issues Tuesday Morning. | |

·9:40am- Jim Harden, CEO of Compass Care Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers – He’ll discuss the double standard in the justice department comparing how pro-lifers are treated versus Antifa and other groups. | /

Wednesday, Dec. 13th  -

·5:10am- Jim Harden

·915am- Richard C. Lyons – Author of ‘The DNA of Democracy’ and ‘Shadows of the Acropolis’ – He says: “Don’t be fooled, the Democrats are cheering for Hamas.” He’ll talk about it Wednesday Morning. |

·9:40am- Pastor Ben Graham – Lead Actor and Producer of ‘Christmas at Keestone’ – a Christmas Movie, the way Christmas Movies used to be. He’ll talk about why he is doing that. And he was also involved with President Trump’s White House Faith and Opportunity Team … is he still backing Trump? |

Thursday, Dec. 14th -

·5:10am – Richard C. Lyons

·9:15am – Michael Nehls MD. PhD. - Author of ‘The Indoctrinated Brain: How to Successfully Fend Off the Global Attack on Your Mental Freedom’ – He’ll talk about that Thursday Morning. |

·9:40am – Tom Del Beccaro – Author of ‘The Divided Era’ and Writer for Epoch Times and Political Vanguard – Talking about the Hunter Biden indictments and other hot topics, and how those issues affect the 2024 Presidential Race. |

Friday, Dec. 15th -

·5:10am- Tom Del Beccaro

·9:15am – Paul Kamenar – Lead Counsel for the National Legal and Policy Center – Talking about the Hunter Biden indictments and he’ll also discuss more of the legal issues surrounding Trump. |

·9:40am –

Prizes to Win:

Win Mr. Bill’s – Shopping Spree – $35 Gift Certificates – 30-day rule in effect!

Link Beverage - $25 Gift Cards – 30-day rule in effect!

Win Lehigh Valley Phantoms Tickets from Cyan Sky!

Win Trees of Historic Bethlehem Tickets AND Carload Passes for Allentown's Lights in the Parkway!

Gunther will have tickets to a WIND CREEK EVENT CENTER concert announcing the week of Dec. 11th.

PRIZE OFFICE REMAINS CLOSED! - Please do not come to the office! All prizes will be mailed or emailed - you will be contacted by the Promotions Department. If you have a PRIZE concern, email or call: 484-515-1105.

WAEB / Hotel Bethlehem BIRTHDAY WINNERS ... if you were announced as the WAEB BIRTHDAY Prize Winner ... please email with your NAME, BIRTHDATE and MAILING ADDRESS. When Mandy has Birthday GCs, she will MAIL to your home address. Please DO NOT call the Hotel Bethlehem to book your brunch appointment until you have your MAILED GC in hand. Thanks!

Please Note: ALL prize winners will need a valid email address to be deemed a winner. All prize paperwork is now electronic based (via Promo Suite) and most prizes are electronic as well. Most concert prizes are E TICKETS, which needs a account / access to a Smart Phone. Our standard prize paperwork includes a W9 Tax Form which requires a valid Social Security Number. If you win up to or over $600 within a calendar year, you will be TAXED on your winnings. Thank you for your understanding.

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