Gunther Guests - Sept. 26th - Sept. 30th

Monday, September 26th -

5:10am Joshua Philipp, investigative reporter with the Epoch Times and host of Epoch Times TV “Crossroads”, will be discussing his documentary on the real story of January 6 and also how the January 6 Committee is trying to influence the upcoming mid-term elections.

9:15am Scott Spacek, technology advisor, China analyst and author of the book “China Hand”, will be discussing his book, the China-Russia alliance and how the U.S. is in trouble because of Chinese control over manufacturing.

9:45am John Kuhns, author of “They Call Me Ishmael” is the guest. John lives in the south Pacific and says we should be concerned about not only China taking Taiwan, but other islands in the Pacific. He’ll also be talking about President Biden’s policies and having to back track on many statements on the issue.

Tuesday, September 27th

5:10am John Kuhns

9:15am Eric Caron, former U.S. special agent, will be talking about the weaponization of the FBI and ICE statistics on illegals that nobody is talking about.

9:45am Jason Ho is the guest. Jason is a China expert and chief technology officer for Teklium and will be talking about the global chip shortage and how he’s been enlisted in the microchip wars against China. www.truthpr/

Wednesday, September 28th

5:10am Eric Caron

9:15am TBA

9:45am Karen Straughan, critic of feminism and advocate for men’s rights, will be speaking out on a Texas A&M lawsuit launched against the university because they are discriminating against white and Asian men.

Thursday, September 29th

5:10am Karen Straughan

9:15am TBA

9:45am TBA

Friday, September 30th

5:10am TBA

9:15am Retired Sr. INS agent Michael Cutler is our guest. What isn’t there to talk about the border and illegal immigration? Michael will talk about it all in the entire 9am hour.


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