Gunther Guests - Sept. 21st - Sept. 25th

Gunther Guests – Week of Sept. 21st

Monday, Sept.21st -

·5:10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael CutlerTalking about how Chinese Espionage was made possible by Immigration Failures |

·9:10am – Author Jack Cashill – Talking about his new book: ‘Unmasking Obama: the Fight to tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency,’ and he’ll talk about the Censorship and silence that occurred under President Obama.| NO WEBSITE

·9:40am – Author Dr. Lance WallnauAuthor of ‘God’s Chaos Code: Donald J. Trump: The Ancient Code that Reveals America’s Future and the Destiny of Nations’- Talking about his book... how it predicted the Trump Presidency 4 years ago, and what it’s saying now! |

Tuesday,Sept. 22nd-

·5:10am – Jack Cashill

·9:10am – Sam Rohrer, President of the American Pastor’s Network and PA Pastor’s Network – He’ll talk about the PA Supreme Court ruling on mail in voting, and as a Former PA State Legislator, why does he feel that the State Legislature is unwilling or unable to stand up to Gov. Wolf on the Voting Issues and the COVID 19 Shutdown, among other things.|

·9:40am – Journalist and Author - One of his most Famous Books is ‘Diana: Case Solved’ – His latest book is ‘Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ – He’ll talk about his book; And what does he think Epstein would tell us if he could? |

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd-

·5:10am –Dylan Howard

·9:10am – Former Congressman Bob Barr – They will discuss Bob’s Latest Blogs. They’ll also discuss the Constitutionality of the latest PA Supreme Court Ruling that allows for counting mail in votes 3 days after the election. | /

·9:40am – TBA

Thursday, Sept. 24th-

·5:10am – Bob Barr

·9:10am – From Fox News, Judge Jeanine Pirro – Author of (2) New York Times Bestsellers. Talking about her latest book ‘Don’t Lie to Me: And Stop Trying to Steal Our Freedom’ |

·9:40am – Marc Morano – The #1 Ranked Climate Contrarian in the Media.Also the Executive Editor for – Talking about the release of the documentary ‘Climate Hustle’ which is set to release today, Sept. 24th. We’ll talk about that documentary and how you can watch it!|

Friday, Sept. 25th-

·5:10am – Jeanine Pirro

·9:10am - Robert Charles - Former Assistant U.S. Secretary of State and among many other Government Offices – He’s now a National Spokesman for AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) - Talking about: Trump is Right, Woodward is Wrong...Panic is the Enemy. He’ll also discuss, from a Legal Standpoint, the recent PA Supreme Court ruling on mail in ballots. |

·9:40am – Julie Gunlock – Director of the Center for Progress and Innovation with the Independent Women’s Forum – Talking about how the public school system has taught our children to hate America. |


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