Gunther Guests - Sept. 19th - Sept. 23rd

Gunther Guests – Week of Sept. 19th

Monday, Sept. 19th

·5:10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent – Michael Cutler – Talking about the Tactic of Republican Governors shipping Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities. |

·9:15am – Beth Finch – Running for State House in the 132nd District against a less than ethical Democrat Incumbent – She thinks she has a shot to win in a heavy Democrat District… Gunther will talk to her about how she thinks she can do that, Monday morning! |

·9:40am –  Michael Busler – Public Policy Analyst, Economics Expert and Professor of Finance at Stockton University – He’ll discuss just how bad our economy is, how much worse is it going to get, and how soon? | Facebook: Funding Democracy – The Economics of Freedom and @MBusler on Twitter

Tuesday, Sept. 20th  -

·5:10am – Michael Busler

·9:15am – Gregory Stenstrom, Author of: ‘Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception’ – He’ll talk about the Virginia Attorney General creating an Election Integrity Unit and he’ll discuss how his new book proves how the 2020 Election was stolen in Pennsylvania. |

·9:40am – Mike Zhao, Author of: ’Critical Race Theory and Woke Culture: America’s Dangerous Repeat of China’s Cultural Revolution’ – Talking about his book. |  

Wednesday, Sept. 21st  –

·5:10am – Gregory Stenstrom

·9:15am – Kevin McGary – Founder of Every Black Life Matters – Talking about: Why are they suddenly so silent about Vaccine Mandates… and did the way they handled the vaccine border on child abuse. |

·9:40am – Dr. Stella Immanuel – She and other Front-Line Doctors have been vindicated and deserve an apology …they were Right and the Government was Wrong. | /

Thursday, Sept. 22nd

·5:10am – Dr. Stella Immanuel

·9:15am Eric Caron – Former U.S. Special Agent – He says the FBI has been turned into the Federal Bureau of Injustice. He’ll discuss that and the Weaponizing of the FBI, Thursday Morning with Gunther. |

·9:40am – Peter Navarro – One of only 3 Senior White House Officials who served President Trump from his Campaign through the end of his First Term – He is out with his latest book: ‘Taking Back Trump’s America: Why We Lost the White House and How We’ll Win It Back’ … and he’ll chat with Gunther Thursday Morning! | @RealPNavarro

Friday, Sept. 23rd -

·5:10am – Peter Navarro

·9:15am -

·9:40am -


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