Gunther Guests - Oct. 9th - Oct. 13th

Gunther Guests - Week of 10/9

Monday, Oct. 9th -

·5:10am - Jeremy Beck, VP of Numbers USA - Talking about the strain on our infrastructure cased by Illegal Immigration |

·9:15am - Kay Rubacek - Award Winning Producer and Director - She has done documentaries for Epoch TV - She will talk about her documentary ‘Gotaways’ and other immigration related items. | /

·9:40am - Angela Ashbrook - Candidate for Upper Milford Township Supervisor - She is talking about what she thinks the important issues are in Upper Milford and why she is running. | On Facebook: AngieforUMTSupervisor

Tuesday, Oct. 10th  -

·5:10am- Kay Rubacek

·9:15am – Jim Follweiler - Candidate for Bethlehem City Council (Republican) - He says Bethlehem truly needs balance and transparency. He’ll talk about that, and what other hot issues are facing Bethlehem .. and how he’d handle them. |

·9:40am - David Lowery - Project 21 Member, and Pastor at Fernwood Community Outreach Church in Chicago and the Host of ‘Let the Truth Be Told’ on the Exceptional Conservative Network - Sanctuary Cities that were once more hospitable to Illegal Immigrants than they were to American Citizens are suddenly changing their tune. He’ll talk about this and more Tuesday!  | /

Wednesday, Oct. 11th -

·5:10am- David Lowery

·9:15am - Dr. Lynn S. Wogamon - Author of ‘Standing for God in America’ - She’ll talk about her book and why we need to do exactly what the title of the book says. | /

·9:40am - Craig Rucker - Executive Director and Co-Founder of C Fact (Committee for Constructive Tomorrow) - He is talking about an event that happened this past weekend where the Left and Right were working together to stop Biden’s windmill farms. He will also talk about how Biden is destroying the electrical grid system, and how that is creating havoc. |

Thursday, Oct. 12th -

·5:10am - Craig Rucker

·9:15am – Gregg Roman - Director of the Middle East Forum, Writer for Newsweek, the Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel - He will give us an update on the Middle East. Everyone is paying attention to Ukraine, but what is happening in the Middle East?  |

·9:40am – Tom Del Beccaro - Writer for Epoch Times, and Political Vanguard - Author of: ‘The Divided Era’ - Analyzing the controversy with vacating the Speaker of the House …  is it just how Politics work, or is it Republican Disfunction at its best? |

Friday, Oct. 13th -

·5:10am- Tom Del Beccaro

·9:15am - Paul Kamenar - Lead Counsel for the National and Legal Policy Center - Talking about the latest rulings and wranglings on the Trump Trial, and with Hunter Biden and more. |

·9:40am -

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