Gunther Guests - Oct. 30th - Nov. 3rd

Gunther Guests - Week of Oct. 30th -

Monday, Oct. 30th -  

·5:10am - Steve Bloom with the Commonwealth Foundation - Giving their analysis on Gov. Shapiro’s on-going sexual harassment scandal. And he’ll talk about other issues involving the Shapiro administration. |

·9:15am - Doug Durham - Republican Candidate for School Board in Southern Lehigh - He has released an interesting piece that got published in ‘The Daily Caller’ that he says documents many scandals in the Southern Lehigh District. He’ll talk about that Monday. | Southern Lehigh Advocates for Full Education on Facebook

·9:40am - Kris DePaolo and Paul Barbehen - Two of a slate of Candidates that want your vote for the East Penn School Board. They’ll address the lies that their opponents have been telling about them and talk about where they stand on all the issues that are affecting the district. They’ll also talk about their slate of Candidates which you can see at: Your Voice on The Board on Facebook

Tuesday, Oct. 31st -  

·5:10am- Doug Durham

·9:15am – Jim Follweiler - Republican Candidate for Bethlehem City Council - Bethlehem City wants to tear down the Walnut Street Garage. Jim just submitted a counter proposal that was met with great enthusiasm. He’ll talk about that plan and why you should vote for him for Bethlehem City Council on Tuesday! |

·9:40am - Bruce Haines - Concerned Bethlehem Taxpayer and Managing Partner of the Historic Hotel Bethlehem - A Parking Garage doesn’t seem to be that big of an issue, but so much of Bethlehem Tourism hinges on it. He explains why it’s so much of an issue and he also reacts to Jim Follweiler’s proposal, Tuesday Morning. | No Website

Wednesday, Nov. 1st  

·5:10am- Bruce Haines

·9:15am - Judge Carolyn Carluccio - A Candidate for PA Supreme Court - With 5 Democrats heading up the Supreme Court … it’s all the more reasons why you need to hear where she stands on the issues. |

·9:40am - Devin Brunges - Another Republican Candidate for Bethlehem City Council. He was the first one to throw his hat in the ring… and he talks about why you should vote for him! |

Thursday, Oct. Nov. 2nd  

·5:10am - Judge Carolyn Carluccio

·9:15am – Angie Ashbrook - She is running for Upper Milford Township Supervisor … She says people that have been before her opponent have been treated with contempt and disrespect … she’ll discuss that and more Thursday Morning.   | Facebook: Angie For UMT Supervisor

·9:40am – Brian McCulloch and Josh Harris - Members of a Slate of 5 Republicans that want to get on the School Board in the Northampton School District. They’ll talk about where they stand on the issues, the harassment they have endured from the other side, and why McCullouch filed a lawsuit on Friday. | Website?

Friday, Oct. Nov. 3rd  

·5:10am- Brian McCulloch and Josh Harris

·9:15am -

·9:40am -

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