Gunther Guests - Oct. 24th - Oct. 28th

Gunther Guests – Week of Oct. 24th

Monday, Oct. 24th

·5:10am – Tom Del Beccaro, Author of ‘The Divided Era’ – He’ll give us some really interesting insight into the John Fetterman / Dr. Oz Senate Race. He’ll also talk about recent Supreme Court decisions. |

·9:15am – Kevin McGary – Co-Founder of Every Black Life Matters – Is America finally waking up to Wokeness? And he’ll give his reaction to the Republicans saying if they get into power… they won’t impeach Joe Biden. He’ll discuss those topics, and his new book: ‘WOKEd Up!’ |

·9:40am – David Rubin, Former Mayor of Shiloh Israel – Talking about the changing landscape in the Middle East. And, Saudi Arabia is seeming to align itself with China instead of the United States… How does that impact us? How does that impact Israel? And he’ll give an update on the upcoming Israeli Elections. | /

Tuesday, Oct. 25th   -

·5:10am – Kevin McGary

·9:15am – Michael Busler – Political and Economics Analyst, Professor of Finance at Stockton University and Writer for NewsMax, the Hill and more. – He’ll talk about the ever-sinking U.S. Economy, and how much he thinks it will impact the Mid-Terms. | Twitter: @MBusler | Facebook: Funding Democracy The Economics of Freedom

·9:40am – Dr. Carole Lieberman - Psychiatrist – Talking about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, John Fetterman’s cognitive abilities and giving her evaluation of the psyche of the American Public. | / /  

Wednesday, Oct. 26th   –

·5:10am - Michael Busler

·9:15am – Ivan Eland – Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute and Director of the Institute’s Center on Peace and Liberty – Talking about: Joe Biden possibly triggering the end of the U.S. / Saudi Partnership.  |


Thursday, Oct. 27th  –

·5:10am – Ivan Eland

·9:15am – Eric Caron – Author of the Book: ‘Switched On: The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent’ – He’ll talk about the continued Weaponization of the CIA, the FBI and other government agencies against Conservatives and other ordinary Americans. |

·9:40am – Reggie Littlejohn – Founder and President of Women’s Rights without Frontiers – Talking About: IT’S BACK! The Government is trying to mandate COVID vaccines in order for your child to return to school… she’ll talk about that and more! |

Friday, Oct. 28th -

·5:10am – Eric Caron

·9am – 10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – Talking about how the Government is fudging the numbers to make it appear as though Illegal Immigrants are not committing a lot of Crimes… the fact is, they are! Gunther and Michael will discuss that and more, Friday. |


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