Gunther Guests: Oct. 23rd - Oct. 27th

Gunther Guests - Week of Oct. 23rd

This week it’s the WAEB / Love Ran Red Spaghetti Dinner Radiothon sponsored by the VinArt Dealerships - Call the Ironton Telephone Pledge Line: 610-841-4999. Sponsor (1) meatball for $10, (2) for $20 … or whatever you can do. We’ll talk your calls 5am to 10am … the phone lines will be answered ALL day but matching money hours happen 5am to 10am weekdays. Join Gunther at the Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church (I-78 / 309 - off Cedar Crest Blvd. Address: 1151 S Cedar Crest Blvd) on Saturday, Oct. 28th. Love Ran Red helps folks with Autism … so you’re helping them lead a more productive life, when you support the Spaghetti Dinner.

Monday, Oct. 23rd -

·5:10am - John Guandolo - Freedom Strategist, Educator, Author, Speaker and Founder and President of Understanding the Threat. He served in the Military, and was at one time an FBI Special Agent. He will give his insight into the Israel / Hamas conflict. |

·9:15 to 10am - Dean Browning - Former County Commissioner - And involved in the Lehigh County Republican Committee - He is going to talk about different school board races, township supervisor races and county wide positions. Make sure to tune in, so you know who to vote for on Tuesday, Nov. 7th. | or Dean Browning on FB

Tuesday, Oct. 24th   -

·5:10am- One Segment with Dean Browning

·9:15am – National Spokesperson for the RNC Madison Gilbert - She is talking about a new initiative put forth by the RNC called ‘Bank Your Vote’ - They’ve just launched it in PA .. what is it? And how can it help Republicans at the Ballot Box on Nov. 7th? |

·9:40am - William Gheen - ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC) - He is talking about the lunacy of allowing Middle East immigrants to migrate to the United States, and more. |

Wednesday, Oct. 25th  -

·5:10am- Madison Gilbert

·9:15am - Diane Kelly - Candidate for one of the three vacancies for South Whitehall Township Commissioner - She will talk about the issues facing South Whitehall and what has she accomplished as President of the Board of Commissioners? | FB: VoteDianeKelly

·9:40am - Diane Kelly, joined by the two other Republican Candidates seeking the (3) seats for South Whitehall Township Commissioner … Jacob Roth and Chris Peischl  - They are running as a ticket. Why should you vote for them? They’ll talk to Gunther on Wednesday. | FB: VoteJacobRoth / | Chris Peischl -

Thursday, Oct. 26th  -

·5:10am - Diane Kelly

·9:15am – Tina Jo Koren - Candidate for Mayor of Whitehall Township - She says the current Mayor has made a mess of things. Why does she say that? And what will she do as Mayor? Hear more on Thursday! |

·9:40am – Gregory Wrightstone - Talking about his new book: ‘A Very Convenient Warming’ - He sets the record straight on climate change, and he’ll talk about his book! |

Friday, Oct. 27th -

·5:10am- William Gheen

·9:15am -

·9:40am -

Prizes to Win:

Win tickets for Johnny Mathis: The Voice of Romance Tour - Thursday, Nov. 9th at the State Theatre in Easton - 7PM Show. Tickets on sale at!

Win Tickets for TSO at the PPL Center on Nov. 22nd!

Win Mr. Bill’s – Shopping Spree – $35 Gift Certificates – 30-day rule in effect!

Link Beverage - $25 Gift Cards – 30-day rule in effect!

Win Lehigh Valley Phantoms Tickets from Cyan Sky!

PRIZE OFFICE REMAINS CLOSED! - Please do not come to the office! All prizes will be mailed or emailed - you will be contacted by the Promotions Department. If you have a PRIZE concern, email or call: 484-515-1105.

Please Note: ALL prize winners will need a valid email address to be deemed a winner. All prize paperwork is now electronic based (via Promo Suite) and most prizes are electronic as well. Most concert prizes are E TICKETS, which needs a account / access to a Smart Phone. Our standard prize paperwork includes a W9 Tax Form which requires a valid Social Security Number. If you win up to or over $600 within a calendar year, you will be TAXED on your winnings. Thank you for your understanding.

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