Gunther Guests: Oct. 10th - Oct. 14th

Gunther Guests – Week of Oct. 10th

WAEB Spaghetti Dinner ‘MEATBALL’ Pledge Drive – Oct. 10th – 14th | WAEB Spaghetti Dinner event will be held on Saturday, Oct. 15th at Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church from 4pm to 7:30pm. Powered by the VinArt Dealerships. Listen to Gunther weekday mornings between 5am and 10am for challenge hours where you can double your donation dollars! Ironton Telephone Pledge Line: 610-841-4999

Monday, Oct. 10th

5:10am – Kyle Petty – Son of NASCAR Legend Richard Petty and a former Race Car Driver himself. He’s currently a Race Analyst for NBC Sports. He will be talking about his book: ‘Swerve Or Die: Life At My Speed In The First Family Of NASCAR Racing.’ | |

9:15am –  RJ Hauman, Director of Government Relations and Communications for F.A.I.R. (Federation for American Immigration Reform) – Talking about the Supreme Court Ruling on DACA. |

9:40am – Sam Paredes with Gun Owners of America - Speaking on Behalf of the Board of Directors of the Gun Owners Foundation – He is talking about the lawsuit that they have filed against New York over their new restrictive gun laws. |

Tuesday, Oct. 11th   -

5:10am – RJ Hauman

9:15am – Jim Harden – C.E.O. of Compass Care - Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers – Talking about: The physical attacks on Pro-Lifers and the DOJ’s legal attacks on Pro-Lifers. | or

9:40am – Keith Hutchison – Served as the Landmark Legal Foundation’s General Counsel for 20 years and succeeded his longtime friend, Mark Levin, as the President. Talking about some Supreme Court Rulings on Farming and Other Issues, that could end up impacting you on issues like your Right to Bear Arms and more! He’ll talk about this, and the New Supreme Court… and how they might rule on some cases in front of the Court this Session. |

Wednesday, Oct. 12th   –

5:10am - Keith Hutchison

9:15am – Dean Browning – Candidate for Pennsylvania Senate in the Newly Created District 14 – He’ll discuss how his opponent’s policies are hurting minorities and those policies point out his opponent’s racism. |

9:40am – Eric Caron – Author of the Book: ‘Switched On: The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent’ – He was a Special Agent who investigated the CIA for Obstruction of Justice. Discussing: Was the CIA involved with the Biden Crime Family? |  

Thursday, Oct. 13th  –

5:10am – Eric Caron

9:15am – 10am – Retired Senior INS Agent, Michael Cutler – We are talking about the tsunami of stories and issues involving Illegal Immigration. |

Friday, Oct. 14th -

5:10am – Michael Cutler

9am – 10am – Wrapping up with the folks from the Love Ran Red Foundation for our WAEB Spaghetti Dinner! Ironton telephone pledge line: 610-841-4999! Powered by the VinArt Dealerships.


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And tickets for the BEACH BOYS - Tis the Season Holiday Show with the Good Vibrations Orchestra

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