Gunther Guests - Nov. 29th - Dec. 3rd

Gunther Guests – Week of Nov. 29th -

WAEB Children’s Home of Easton Christmas Gift Drive & Christmas Party – Kicks off Thanksgiving Day – Powered by MTM Financial. Ironton Telephone Pledge Line: 610-841-4999. See the Children’s Wishlist at | Christmas Party – Sat. Dec. 18th

Monday, Nov. 29th -

·5:10am – Martin Baker, Project 21 Member and Co-Founder of the Black Conservative Organization – Discussing 2 Recent Verdicts ... the Guilty Verdict in Ahmaud Arbery Case and the Not Guilty Verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse Case... and why both rulings are a good sign for Black Americans. | /

·9:15-10am – Retired, INS Agent Michael Cutler – Discussing his latest article for Front Page Magazine: ‘Biden’s Build Back Better Speeds the Fencing of America’... this has nothing to do with the border wall. He’ll discuss that and more Monday Morning! |

Tuesday, Nov. 30th -

·5:10am – Michael Cutler

·9:15am – Nick Fondacaro, Deputy Managing Editor for MRC NewsBusters ... discussing how the media is not covering the Hunter Biden connection to a Chinese owned Cobalt Mine. |

·9:45am -

Wednesday, Dec. 1st -

·5:10am – Nick Fondacaro

·9:15am – Steve Milloy, Former Trump / Pence EPA Transition Team Member and Founder of – Talking about the Biden induced energy crisis, tapping the Strategic Oil Reserves and more! |


Thursday, Dec. 2nd –

·5:10am – Steve Milloy

·9:15am – Michael Busler, Public Policy Analyst and Professor of Finance at Stockton University – Discussing ‘Biden’s Build Back Better’ Disaster, Inflation, Tapping Oil Reserves and more! | – Funding Democracy the Economics of Freedom

·9:45am -

Friday, Dec. 3rd -

·5:10am – Michael Busler

·9:15am – Heidi St. John – Congressional Candidate in the GOP Primary for the 3rd District of Washington State – She’s trying to knock out a RINO that currently holds that office. She is also the Author of ‘The Mom Strong’ Book Series. She’ll talk about her book series, her run for Congress and she’ll discuss how the McGovern Campaign helped shape today’s polarizing politics. | |

·9:45am -

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