Gunther Guests - Nov. 20th - 24th

Gunther Guests - Week of Nov. 20th  

Monday, November 20th  -

·5:10am- Dexter Van Zile – Managing Editor of Focus on Western Islamism – He will talk about the increase in antisemitism since the attacks in Israel and he’ll talk about Campus Radicalization. | and

·9:15am- Martha Byrne – Emmy Winning Actress and the wife of wrongly convicted Michael McMahon … Michael is a New York City Police Officer, highly decorated. Why was he arrested? Why would the Government admit now to lying in court? We’ll talk about this bizarre case on Monday! | No Website

·9:40am- Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene – Talking about her book ‘MTG’ |

Tuesday, November 21st -

·5:10am- Marjorie Taylor Greene

·9:15am- Erik Ruark with Numbers USA – He talks about Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas making the bombastic statement that their policies are securing our border. He’ll talk about that and more Tuesday! |

·9:40am- Nathan McGrath – President and General Counsel of the Fairness Center – Talking about a case that affected an Allentown Musician, who was threatened with being fired if he didn’t pay Union Dues to a Union he didn’t want to belong to. |

Wednesday, November 22nd  -

·5:10am- Erik Ruark

·9:15am- Xi Van Fleet – Author of ‘Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning’ – She is that survivor, and she will give us a warning. She knows full well how this could all end. She’ll talk about her book and give us insight into China today. | Facebook: XiVanFleet | X/Twitter: @XiVanFleet

·9:40am- Scott Uehlinger – Retired CIA Officer - He has been on Arabic TV every day since the war has started in Israel on Oct. 7th. What is his take on what happened, and what is happening now in Gaza and Israel? And what is the reaction on Arabic TV. | X/Twitter: @TheStationChief

Thursday, November 23rd  - THANKSGIVING DAY!

·Gunther’s Thanksgiving Day Show … listen for stories, poems, inspirations and more! Happy Thanksgiving!

·AND Gunther will kick off the WAEB / Children’s Home of Easton Christmas Present Drive sponsored by: MTM Financial. Ironton Telephone Pledge Line: 610-841-4999 | Our annual WAEB Christmas Party is December 16th at the Children’s Home of Easton. To see the children’s wish list, visit! Thank you for helping us make CHRISTMAS BRIGHT for the kids at the Children’s Home of Easton!

Friday, November 24th – BLACK FRIDAY

·5:10am- Xi Van Fleet

·9:15am- Tom Del Beccaro – Author of ‘The Divided Era,’ writer for Epoch Times, Political Vanguard and more – He will talk about all the Hot Issues: Israel, Biden, Trump and more! |


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