Gunther Guests - May 17th - May 21st

Gunther Guests – Week of May 17th

Monday, May 17th -

·5:10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – Talking Immigration, including the Failure of the Biden Administration’s Operation Sentinel... which was supposed to combat human trafficking. |

·8:45am – Gunther talks to Doctor of Neurology Adam B. Edwards from Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network about Stroke Month. How to know if someone is having a stroke, and what should you do if they are...He’ll tell us Monday! |

·9:10am – Christopher Wayock, Candidate for School Board Director in the Southern Lehigh School District – Talking about his race, and those that are joining him on a Conservative Slate to try and make Education more accountable in Southern Lehigh.

·9:40am – Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer – Author of ‘We Will Not Be Silenced: Responding Courageously to Our Culture’s Assault on Christianity’ – We’ll talk his book Monday! |

Tuesday, May 18th -

·5:10am – Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

·9:10am – Former Lehigh County Commissioner Dean Browning – He’ll tell you about a really important race for South Whitehall Township Commissioner. One of the Candidates has nearly doubled your taxes... but she says she is a Conservative! We’ll talk about that race, and other local races that you need to be aware of on Election Day! | No Website

·9:40am – Live from Israel, David Rubin... Former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel... he is in the middle of all the Rocket Attacks from Hamas. He’ll talk about what’s going on right now, and his latest book ‘Confronting Radicals: What America Can Learn from Israel’ | and

Wednesday, May 19th-

·5:10am – David Rubin

·9:10am – Dr. Michael Busler, Public Policy Analyst, Professor of Finance at Stockton University and Writer for The Hill, NewsMax and More – He’ll talk about soaring fuel prices, inflation, deficit spending, and the pipeline shutdown... how it’s impacting you, and where he thinks it’s going! |

·9:40am – Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, Author of ‘Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest and the Unmaking of the American Military’ – Talking about his book. |

Thursday, May 20th -

·5:10am – Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier,

·9:10am – Major General Jeffrey Schloesser, U.S. Army Retired – Author of the book: ‘Marathon War: Leadership in Combat in Afghanistan’ – He’ll talk about his book. |

·9:40am – John O’Connor, Author of ‘PostGate: How the Washington Post Betrayed Deep Throat’ – Talking about his book and Hot Issues including: Did House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy violate House Ethics Rules? He’ll discuss Thursday! |

Friday, May 21st -

·5:10am – Major General Jeffrey Schloesser

·9:10am – Hot Topics!

·9:40am – Kathryn Frick, Candidate for Woman of the Year with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser... Find out how you can help her, and she’ll tell us why she is passionate about finding a cure.


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