Gunther Guests - March 29th - April 2nd

Gunther Guests – Week of March 29th

Monday, March 29th-

·5:10am – Former Georgia Congressman and Board Member of the NRA, Bob Barr – Talking about all the Second Amendment Issues that are under attack, the hot issues of the week and his latest blog. |

·9:10am – Sam Rohrer, President of the American Pastor’s Network – Talking about several bills in the PA State Legislature that you need to be concerned about, and other hot issues of the week |

·9:40am –David Rubin, Former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel – He’ll discuss the just recently concluded Israeli elections...but are they really concluded? So far no one has been able to form a coalition government... he’ll talk about it Monday. | &

Tuesday, March 30th -

·5:10am – David Rubin

·9:10am – Judge Paula Patrick – Candidate for PA Supreme Court... the Court that sparked the outrage in the 2020 Election Cycle. She’ll tell us how she feels about how the State Supreme Court voted on mail in voting and more. |

·9:40am - Mike Hammond – Legislative Counsel for Gun Owners of America – He’ll talk about the Second Amendment Under Attack...including: Open Carry Laws being Challenged and Semi-Automatic Weapons Being Challenged. He’ll tell us what we need to do about it Tuesday Morning. |

Wednesday, March 31st -

·5:10am – Mike Hammond

·9:10am – Best Selling Author, Amity Shlaes – Talking about a book she co-edited... the autobiography of Calvin Coolidge. One of the things Coolidge believed is that a President should not aspire to greatness... why is that? She’ll discuss Wednesday. |

·9:40am – John Tamny, Director of the Center for Economic Freedom at Freedom Works, Editor of Real Clear Markets and Author of the New Book: ‘When Politicians Panicked: The New Corona Virus, Expert Opinion, and a Tragic Lapse of Reason’ – He’ll talk about his New Book, Wednesday Morning! | John.Tamny on Facebook

Thursday, April 1st

·5:10am – John Tamny

·9:10am – Jennifer Kerns – Host of a new Syndicated Show, Publisher of and she has served as a GOP strategist – She’ll talk about the irony of Kamala Harris and Bill Clinton holding an event together on empowering women. | and

·9:40am – Tom Del Beccaro, the man behind the petition drive to recall Governor Newsom... we’ll talk about how that’s going, Joe Biden and his mental capacity and other hot topics of the week. |

Friday, April 2nd-

·5:10am – Tom Del Becarro

·9am – 10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – Talking about one of the latest pieces he wrote... Biden Amping up the Immigration ‘Delivery System’... that’s right the Immigration ‘DELIVERY system’. He’ll talk about that and more Friday! |

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