Gunther Guests - March 25th - 29th

Gunther Guests - Week of March 25th -  

Monday, March 25th-

·5:10am- Lee Habeeb – Creator and Host of Our American Stories, a Podcast and Weekly Syndicated Radio Show - Talking about Rule of Law Vs. Mob Rule. It is as old as our Founding Fathers, and John Adams had a lot to say about just that. Lee Habeeb will talk about it with Gunther. |   

·9:10am- Steven Willeford, Spokesman for Gun Owners of America and Author of ‘A Town Called Southerland Springs’ – He will talk about members of Congress using your tax dollars to pay for anti-gun studies. And discuss the group called Everytown and their latest gun safety report that is filled with false statements. | /

·9:40am- Jon Merwarth – Executive Director of Bright Hope Pregnancy Centers – He is discussing an event that is coming up Tuesday Night titled ‘Crucial Conversations for Life’ – He’ll discuss what some of those conversations are, and how you can attend Tuesday Night. | /  

Tuesday, March 26th -

·5:10am - Steven Willeford

·9:10am- Retired, Lt. Col Robert Maginnis – Author of ‘Divided We Stand: The Globalist Scheme for a One World Government’ - He is reacting to the AOC saying that RICO is not a crime, and he will talk about some troubling news from Hong Kong and what that might mean for our military. | Buy his book on Amazon

·9:40am – Joe Vichot – Chairman of the Lehigh County Republican Committee – If we want to secure the vote, the Lehigh County Republican Committee needs your help because they are not getting it form the State GOP or the RNC. Joe will talk about the challenges the local Republican Party is facing. | No Website

Wednesday, March 27th -

·5:10am- Retired, Lt. Col Robert Maginnis

·9:10am- Timothy Head – Exe. Director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition – He is hitting back at the Christian Nationalism Smear that the Left is trying to gaslight us with. And he will talk about a piece he wrote for ‘The Hill’ on the Faith of our Founding Fathers, and where our Rights come from. |

·9:40am- Tom Del Beccaro – Author of ‘The Divided Era’ and he has a new book coming out soon: ‘The Lessons of The American Civilization’ - Talking about a lot of hot issues including Presidential Politics, the Crisis at the Border and the Threat of Under Population |

Thursday, March 28th -

·5:10am- Tom Del Beccaro

·9:10am-  Logan Church – Political Director of Catholic Vote. She is talking about Joe Biden appealing to Catholics at a White House event being a fail… not just because of what Biden said, but because of who attended. |

·9:40am- Selwyn Duke – He has written for the New American, The Hill, The Observer, American Thinker and more – He is talking about how Illegals will give Bidens’ Democrats an extra 13 Congressional Seats. He will also discuss comments by a Government Equity Official that wants to burn the U.S. down. | /

Friday, March 29th  -

·5:10am- Selwyn Duke

·9:10am- Bill Donohue – Talking about his upcoming book ‘Cultural Meltdown’. And discussing how secular roots are the cause of our moral crisis in America. | Buy the Book at

·9:40am- Daniel R. Street – He will talk about Biden’s War against Texas Immigration Laws, and how it’s all pushing us to a Constitutional Crisis. | or Follow him on Substack: Daniel R Street Fake News Exposed


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