Gunther Guests - March 23rd - 27th

Gunther Guests – Week March 23rd

TBA: Kris DePaolo, CEO of Werner and Company CPAs – Discussing the latest changes in the Tax Rules due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic |

Monday, March 23th

·5:10am - Brigadier Gen. Robert Spalding (US Air Force-retired), senior fellow with the Hudson Institute and author of “Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept”, is our guest. He’ll be talking about his book and our war against China that is occurring militarily, economically and more. |

·9:10am - Tom Del Beccaro, author of “The Divided Era: The More Government Decides, The More It Divides”, Fox News contributor, writer and writer for is our guest. He’ll be spending the entire hour talking about the coronavirus pandemic, the fallout from it, the trillion dollar coronavirus bailout and other hot topics including Bernie vs. Biden. |

Tuesday, March 24th

·5:10am - Tom Del Beccaro

·9:10am – Attorney Joshua Prince, an Attorney that Specializes in the Second Amendment and Individual Rights – He filed a lawsuit against Governor Wolf for his unconstitutional power grab... Gunther will talk with him about this Tuesday Morning |

·9:40am - Mary Tocco, VP for Foundation For Pediatric Health and author. She’s considered an expert on the dangers of vaccines and she’s talking about that issue and her new book “Natural Immune Development, A Deeper Understanding of Our Immune System.” |

Wednesday, March 25th

·5:10am - Mary Tocco

·9:10am - Physician and Professor Dr. Dan O’Brien is considered a medical futurist. He’ll be talking about the coronavirus and why kids are less likely to contract it and also the technology that will help us in the future.

·9:40am - Dr. Merrill Matthews, resident scholar with the Institute For Policy Innovation, is the guest. His topic: “Here come the useless economic stimulus proposals, or as Rahm Emmanuel said “Let No Good Crisis Go To Waste.” |

Thursday, March 26th

·5:10am - Merrill Matthews

·9:10am - Dr. Charles Page, surgeon and author. He will discuss his book “A Spoonful of Courage For the Sick and Suffering: Transforming Your Greatest Challenges Into Your Biggest Blessing” and tips on how to survive (in more ways than one) the coronavirus. |


Friday, March 27th

·5:10am - Dr. Charles Page

·9:10am - Retired INS agent Michael Cutler is the guest for the entire hour and he’ll be talking about how we’re losing our border one lawsuit at a time. He’ll also discuss why borders suddenly now matter thanks to the coronavirus and how New York is more eager to protect Canadians than Americans. |



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