Gunther Guests - March 20th - March 24th

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Gunther Guests –  Week of March 20th -

Monday, March 20th

·5:10am – Jason Snead – Executive Director of the Honest Elections Project – The Georgia Senate passed legislation to prevent the private funding of Elections. It was private funding that paid for the drop boxes in PA and GA. Why does this matter? Will it help Election Integrity? He’ll discuss Monday! |

·9:15am – Lee Williams – Known as the Gun Writer – He is the Chief Editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigate Reporting Project – Talking about: How will President Biden’s New Executive Order on guns affect the rights of private gun owners. |

·9:45am – David Rubin, Former Mayor of Shiloh Israel and Founder of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund | And Author of Several Books including his latest: ‘Confronting Radicals: What American Can Learn from Israel’ – He’ll give his reaction to China brokering deals in the Middle East. How concerned is he? How concerned are the Israelis about China’s Growing Influence. He’ll also give us the latest updates on terror strikes against Israeli Citizens. | /

Tuesday, March 21st   -

·5:10am – Lee Williams

·9:15am – Shaka Mitchell - He serves as a Senior Fellow for the American Federation for Children. He’s also a member of the American Enterprise Institute Leadership Network. Talking about: Black students test scores are better in ‘MAGA’ Red States. Why is that? Hear more Tuesday! |

·9:40am – Michael Busler – Public Policy Analyst, Economics Expert and Professor of Finance at Stockton University. He’s also a featured columnist at NewsMax, The Western Journal, and more. He will talk about the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank… should the government be bailing them out? And what really is the state of our Economy? | Find Michael on Twitter: @MBusler | Facebook: Funding Democracy the Economics of Freedom

Wednesday, March 22nd   –

·5:10am – Michael Busler

·9:15am – Chris Chmielenski – Numbers USA Vice President – Giving his reaction to the Democrats Boycotting the Border Hearing. And, discussing: The Migrants that just rushed the border last week. Plus, Migrant encounters at the Southern Border already have surpassed one million in 2023 … and that’s in just 2 and a half Months. |

·9:45am – Scott Uehlinger – Talking about what is really going on in the Ukraine. Who is really winning? Are we getting sucked into another long-drawn-out war? And many people feel it’s a money laundering scheme for the Bidens. He’ll give his opinion and reactions to all of that Wednesday Morning. | On Twitter: @TheStationChief

Thursday, March 23rd  -

·5:10am - Scott Uehlinger


·9:45am – Col. Grant Newsham – Retired U.S. Marine, who served in the Indo-Pacific for Decades including in Intelligence and Liaison Roles – He’ll talk about his book ‘When China Attacks: A Warning to America’ | / On Twitter: @NewshamGrant

Friday, March 24th -

·5:10am – Col. Grand Newsham

·9am – 10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – It’s a FIASCO at the Southern Border, but Michael keeps reminding us that it’s also a fiasco with Interior Enforcement! Plus, he’ll give his reaction to the head of the DHS being contradicted by his Border Patrol Chief. That Chief has said “We Have Lost Control at the Border.” |


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