Gunther Guests - June 19th - June 23rd

Gunther Guests –  Week of June 19th  -

Monday, June 19th -

·5:10am - Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler - He will talk about how China is exploiting the Border chaos to sneak Military Operatives into the U.S. |

·9:15am - Steve Milloy - Senior Energy and Environmental Institute Legal Fellow and founder of - He will talk about the Canadian Wildfire hysteria … debunking the lies about the cause of the fires. And he’ll talk about Global Wind Day. | and

·9:45am - David Rubin, Former Mayor of Shiloh Israel and Many-Time Author … He will talk about the latest in Israel, what is happening with Benjamin Netanyahu and the corruption trial, and other hot topics from the Middle East. | /

Tuesday, June 20th -

·5:10am – David Rubin

·9:10am – Horace Cooper - Senior Fellow with National Center for Public Policy Research and Chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board, and Legal Commentator - He will talk about the Indictment of the Good Samaritan Daniel Penny. Horace Cooper says it’s abuse of power by WOKE DAs. And we’ll get his opinion on Trump’s Legal Issues. |

·9:40am – Lee Williams, aka the Gun Writer - House Democrats are looking to bully Republicans into voting on an Assault Weapons Ban. What do we need to do to stop that? He’ll discuss. |

Wednesday, June 21st -  

·5:10am – Horace Cooper

·9:15am – Frank Gaffney, Author of ‘The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party and Friends for Crimes Against America, China and The World’ - He is talking about Communist China has a Spy Base on Cuba to watch us and no one seems concerned about that. |

·9:40am – Ronda Kennedy - Running for U.S. Senate in Nevada. She will talk about that run. She’ll also talk about the Trans-Gender Issue, the War Against Women, the War Against Parents and how it’s eroding African American support for Democrats.|

Thursday, June 22nd

·5:10am – Frank Gaffney

·9:15am - Michael Lee Mason - Founder of - He will talk about Free Filtering, but he’ll also discuss: Why is Fox suddenly supporting LGBTQ+ |

·9:40am – John O’Connor -Multi-Time Author of several books on Watergate - He will give his reaction to Trump’s Indictment and all the bedlam that has followed. |

Friday, June 23rd -

·5:10am - John O’Connor

·9:15am - Trevor Loudon - Author of: ‘Security Risk’ - What Senators pose a Security Risk to the United States? Senators don’t need to get security clearances, but they have access to classified info. We will discuss that Friday. |

·9:40am - (Tentative) - Kari Lake - Ran for Governor of Arizona, is a huge backer of Donald Trump, and is leading the charge to get corruption out of the voting process. She’s also the Author of: ‘Unafraid: Just Getting Started.’ |


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