Gunther Guests - June 15-June 19

Gunther Guests – Week June 15th

Monday, June 15th

·5:10am – Gunther will play a piece called ‘Profound Perspective’ – Basically, this piece features African Americans like Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and others talking about what the Left will not tell you about the plight of Black People and the myth of Systemic Racism.

·9:10am – Dr. Jerome R. Corsi – Multi-NYT Best Selling Author and an Investigative Journalist - He’ll talk about his New E-Book Book ‘The Plan to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency.’ This would be done by people in President Trump’s own staff that are stabbing him in the back. Dr. Corsi will discuss Monday with Gunther. |

·9:40am – Robert Charles, Spokesman for AMAC, Former Assistant Secretary of State for George W. Bush, Former Naval Intelligence Officer and he served in Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses – He’ll talk about what’s really going on with the protests / riots and who is really behind them! |

Tuesday, June 16th-

·5:10am – Dr. Jerome R. Corsi

·9:10am – Lawrence W. Reed – Former Professor of Economics and Author of the New Book ‘Was Jesus a Socialist?’ – We’re always talking about social justice and all these others views that the Left assigned to Christ but do they really apply? Lawrence will discuss Tuesday with Gunther! |

·9:40am – Retired Colonel, Military Historian and PA Senator Doug Mastriano – Talking about ending Governor Wolf’s Emergency Declaration. Where do we really stand, and where do we go from here? |

Wednesday, June 17th -

·5:10am – PA Senator Doug Mastriano

·9:10am – Former Congressman Bob Barr – Talking about all the social unrest... and how do we really solve the problem? | /

·9:40am – Sam Rohrer, President of both the Pennsylvania Pastors Network and the American Pastors Network | Talking about how Nationwide unrest reveals the deep moral chasm in America. |

Thursday, June 18th-

·5:10am – Bob Barr

·9:10am – TBA - Listen to Gunther for Updates!

·9:40am – Joel Pollak, Breitbart Senior Editor-At-Large & Author of ‘Red November: Will the Country Vote Red for Trump or Red for Socialism?’ – He’ll talk about his book, and just that... will the country will go Red as in Communism or Red as in Republican this November! |

Friday, June 19th-

·5:10am – Joel Pollak

9am to 10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent, Michael Cutler – He’s also a writer for FrontPage Magazine & – The DC Mayor said ‘I had defend our borders from Trump,’... Michael and Gunther will talk about the irony of the people who were against doing anything about Illegal Immigration now being worried about their borders! |


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