Gunther Guests - June 12th - June 16th

Gunther Guests –  Week of June 12th  -

Monday, June 12th -

·5:10am - Kevin Jackson with the Kevin Jackson Network. He’s also the producer of the film ‘Bleeding Blue.’ - He will talk about the Radical Left’s Agenda and Corporate America going along with it. | /

·9:10am - Attorney Joshua Prince - Specializing in Firearms Law - He will talk about some new legislation being proposed in Harrisburg … one of them is similar to other states’ Red Flag Laws, and all of them are infringements on your Second Amendment Rights. Hear more Monday! |

·9:40am - B.J. Rae - Author of the Critically Acclaimed Best Selling Book: ‘Cloud People’ - She will discuss why Abortion is not the winning issue Democrats think, and why many minority women are Pro-Life. |

Tuesday, June 13th -

·5:10am – Attorney Joshua Prince

·9:10am – ·Gabriel Nadales – national director of Our America and free speech campus advocate. He’ll be talking about a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Affirmative Action. Despite that ruling, you won’t believe how colleges pursuing equity are discriminating against Asian Americans and others.

·9:40am – Jeff Nyquist - Expert in Geopolitics and the History of Communism and Multi-Time Author. His latest book is: ‘The Fool and His Enemy.’ Has also contributed to the hard-hitting essay: ‘Obama’s Russia Collusion - Barack Obama’s True Legacy’ - He will talk about that topic Tuesday Morning. |

Wednesday, June 14th -  

·5:10am – Jeff Nyquist


·9:40am – Ronda Kennedy - Running for U.S. Senate in Nevada. She will talk about that run. She’ll also talk about the Trans-Gender Issue, the War Against Women, the War Against Parents and how it’s eroding African American support for Democrats. |

Thursday, June 15th  –

·5:10am – Ronda Kennedy

·9:15am -

·9:40am –

Friday, June 16th -

·5:10am - B.J. Rae

·9am - 10am - Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler - He will talk about the APP that the Government is using to launder Illegal Immigrants, along with other Immigration topics. |


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