Gunther Guests - July 4th - July 8th

Gunther Guests – Week of July 4th  

Monday, July 4th  - Independence Day Show   

·5am -10am – Gunther’s Independence Day Show featuring Patriotic Music, Inspiration Readings and Thoughts, and more.

Tuesday, July 5th -     

·5:10am – Pete Hutchison – President of Landmark Legal Foundation – He’s talking about several Supreme Court decisions... including the Supreme Court striking down NY State’s Restrictive Right to Carry Laws and the Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion. |

·9:15am – Professor Rob Natelson, Former Constitutional Law Professor, Constitutional Historian and Senior Fellow at the Independence Institute in Denver – Talking about the recent Supreme Court Rulings and giving his opinion on which ones are the biggest victories for Conservatives. And why it’s important that Clarence Thomas wrote one of the major opinions. |

·9:40am – Nick Stehle – Vice President of Communications for the Foundation for Government Accountability – Talking about Election Integrity and the recent poll numbers that show over 80% of Americans want something done about it but evil is afoot... and we’ll talk about it with Nick, Tuesday! |

Wednesday, July 6th   -   

·5:10am – Professor Rob Natelson

·9:15am – Jim Harden – C.E.O. of Compass Care Pregnancy Services, a Pro-Life Pregnancy Center – They are under attack. They were under attack before the Dobbs decision. What’s happened since the overturning of Roe Vs. Wade? We’ll check in Wednesday. |

·9:45am – Dr. Richard Urso – Board Certified Ophthalmologist and one of America’s Front-Line Doctors. He’s also a Scientist and Inventor of an FDA Approved Wound Healing Drug. And Co-Founder of the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists – He talks about the link between COVID 19 Vaccines and Heart Attacks... is there any? He’ll also discuss, should children be getting the vaccine. |

Thursday, July 7th -   

·5:10am – Jim Harden

·9:15am – Dexter Van Zile – Managing Editor of ‘Focus on Western Islamism’ ... which is a Middle East Forum Publication. He is talking about: Reporters need to go undercover to counter threats to democracy... including going undercover to fight Terrorism / Radical Islam. What’s going on that we should be concerned about when it comes to Radical Islamists? |

·9:45am – Kathy Barnette – Best Selling Author of ‘Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America’ – She’s on as a spokesperson for the 1776 Project – A Group Dedicated to Electing School Board Members Nationwide who want to reform our Public Education System by Promoting Patriotism. |

Friday, July 8th  -     

·5:10am – Kathy Barnette

·9am – 10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent – Michael Cutler – He will talk about the Supreme Court allowing Biden to end Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy, among other things, Friday Morning! |


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