Gunther Guests - July 31st - Aug. 4th

Gunther Guests –  Week of July 31st

Monday, July 31st  -

·5:10am - Joshua Prince, a Local Attorney with a National Reputation for his Strong Defense of the Second Amendment - He’ll talk about how the Republican Party is playing Russian Roulette and killing themselves off. And he’ll talk about a recent change from the Biden Administration that targets schools that have classes on hunting, and gun use. |

·9:15am - Christina M. Francis M.D. - Board Certified OB/GYN and CEO of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Also, an Association Scholar with the Charlotte Lozier Institute - She is on to talk about the misleading media coverage about mortality and abortions since the Supreme Court ruling on Roe V. Wade. | or

·9:40am - Donna Jackson -Director of Membership for The Project 21 Black Leadership Network - She’s testified before Congress, and she is now talking about the uproar over Jason Aldean’s so-called ‘Racist’ Song.|

Tuesday, Aug. 1st  -

·5:10am – Donna Jackson

·9:15am - Michael J. O’Neill Esq. - Assistant General Counsel at the Landmark Legal Foundation - Talking about how crazy it is to have the Teacher’s Union President: Randi Weingarten testify before Congress about opening schools… when she is the one who wanted them locked down, during COVID. |

·9:40am - Kenny Xu - Author of ‘School of Woke’ - A Canadian teacher committed suicide because they were bullied for not being WOKE enough. He’ll discuss that and other issues that are affecting the education of your children, Tuesday Morning! |

Wednesday, Aug. 2nd -  

·5:10am – Michael J. O’Neill Esq.

·9:15am - Carole Lieberman - She’ll talk about Rex Heuermann … who allegedly killed sex workers. What makes someone do that? And she’ll give (5) signs that your neighbor or co-worker may be a serial killer. | and

·9:40am – John O’Connor - Attorney and Author of Several Books on Watergate - He will talk about the latest developments about the Trump Indictments, and he’ll give his reaction to the Hunter Biden plea deal falling apart and more! |

Thursday, Aug. 3rd   –

·5:10am – Carole Lieberman

·9:15am -

·9:40am – Tom Harris- Executive Director of the Internal Climate Science Coalition - He is on to talk about how this isn’t the HOTTEST time in recorded weather history and with the UFO debate going on, he has an interesting perspective on whether they are real or not. His perspective comes from being friends with several of our Astronauts that landed on the moon. |

Friday, Aug. 4th   -

·5:10am - Tom Harris 

·9am - 10am - Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler - Talking about: How Biden and Mayorkas’s open border policies are fueling cartel crime in America. And, the media continues to black out coverage of terrorists in America that could be related to our lax border policy.  -


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