Gunther Guests - July 27 - 31

Gunther Guests – Week of July 27th

Monday, July 27th -

·5:10am – Dr. Michael Busler – Public Policy Analyst, Economics Expert, Writer for NewsMax and the Hill and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University – He’ll talk about a second stimulus; and discuss... will the overspending be our third crisis of the year? | Funding Democracy on Facebook

·9:10am – Julio Rivera, an American of Puerto Rican descent – He serves as the Editorial Director for, is a Featured Columnist at the Washington Times and is a writer for Epoch Times and the American Thinker – He will discuss the backfire of the Goya Boycott; And are they rioting in Puerto Rico? He will talk about this and how does he think Hispanic Americans will shake out in November on Monday with Gunther!|

·9:40am – Erin Perrine, Trump Campaign Director of Press Communications – There are 100 Days till the Election ... What will the last 100 Days look like and will the fact that Joe Biden, who wants to raise taxes & defund the police, hurt him enough to cost him the election? She’ll talk to Gunther, Monday! |

Tuesday, July 28th -

·5:10am – Julio Rivera

·9am – 10am - Robert Charles – Former Assistant Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, Formal Naval Intelligence Officer and Litigator and Multi-Time Author – Discussing the police, socialism and Joe Biden; And he’ll talk Foreign Policy, including the ever growing threat from China. |

Wednesday, July 29th-

·5:10am – Robert Charles

·9:10am – Jonathan Jakubowski – Wood County, Ohio Republican Executive Committee Chairman and Best Selling Author of ‘Bellwether Blues’ – He’ll talk about a Republican Scandal in Ohio that will negatively affect Joe Biden. Why isn’t the main stream media talking about it? He will talk about is Wednesday! |

·9:40am – Mike O’Neill – He serves as Assistant General Counsel for the Landmark Legal Foundation - Talking about voter fraud and just how bad the Democrats want to make it. |

Thursday, July 30th -

·5:10am – Jonathan Jakubowski

·9:10am – Horace Cooper – Senior Fellow at the National Public Policy Research Center, Co Chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board and Author of the New Book ‘How Trump is making Black America Great Again’ – He’ll talk about his new book Thursday with Gunther! |

·9:40am – John Lott – President of the Crime Prevention Research Center and Multi-Time Author including the book: ‘Gun Control Myths’ - He’ll talk about his Book, and some of the Hot Second Amendment Issues, including the McCloskey’s... a Missouri couple that defended their home with guns! |

Friday, July 31st-

·5:10am – Horace Cooper

·9:10am – Michael Cutler - Retired, Senior INS Agent, Writer for Frontpage Magazine and a Frequent Guest on Various Networks – Talking Hot Immigration Issues, including: Putting Americans First... Begins at our Nation’s Borders...and more! |


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