Gunther Guests - July 26th - July 30th

Gunther Guests – Week of July 26th

Monday, July 26th-

·5:10am – Michael Cutler, Senior Retired INS Agent – Will Biden’s Immigration Policy speed the Communization of America? He’ll discuss Monday! |

·9:10am – Chairman of the State GOP, Lawrence Tabas – Talking about Election Security Measures, and the threats from State Attorney General Josh Shapiro regarding Forensic Audits of the Voting Machines. |

·9:40am – Pastor Stephen Broden, Co-Founder of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition and Executive Director of the ‘Content of Character Series’ - He’ll tell us about his Content of Character Series... what is it, what does he want to accomplish with it and more, Monday Morning! |

Tuesday, July 27th -

·5:10am – Pastor Stephen Broden

·9:10am – Gretchen Wollert, Author of ‘Born to Fight: Lincoln and Trump’ – She’ll talk about America’s FIRST Republican President and America’s LAST Republican President... they are two of a kind, despite the fact that they are 150 years apart! |

·9:40am – Robert Spencer, Author of ‘Did Mohamad Exist: An Inquiry into Islam’s Obscure Origins’ – Talking about his Book! |

Wednesday, July 28th -

·5:10am – Gretchen Wollert

·9:10am – George Roxandich – He will continue to talk about Critical Race Theory in the Lehigh Valley... How it is disguised in your schools, and he’ll tell us the damage it is doing. | NO WEBSITE

·9:40am – Michael Busler, PhD. - Public Policy Expert and Professor of Finance at Stockton University - How bad are things going to get in the coming months, as we continue to spend our way into prosperity... he’ll talk about it Wednesday! | Facebook – Michael Busler

Thursday, July 29th-

·5:10am –George Roxandich

·9:10am – (Tentative) – Steve Milloy, Former Trump / Pence EPA Transition Team Member and Founder of – Talking about the latest tactic by the climate alarmists is a group called the Conservative Climate Caucus, and Steve will expose it for what it is Thursday Morning! |

·9:40am – TBA

Friday, July 30th -

·5:10am – Steve Milloy

·9:10am – Roger Landry, Founder of TALK... their missing is to provide an open forum dedicated to Liberty and Freedom of Speech and their Goal is to beat Liberal Big Tech, by providing our own platforms. He’ll talk about this exciting platform Friday Morning! |

·9:40am – Former Congressman and Chairman of Liberty Guard, Bob Barr – Talking about his latest blogs, and all the hot issues of the week! | and


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