Gunther Guests - July 12th - July 16th

Gunther Guests – Week of July 12th

Animals in Distress RADIOTHON – Powered by THE VINART DEALERSHIPS | Pledge Line: 610-841-4999| Listen to Gunther weekday mornings 5am to 10am for Stories from the Shelter and Challenge Hours where you can double your donation hours! For Radiothon Weekend events, and more info – Visit Gunther's Page at!

Monday, July 12th -

·5:10am – Senior, Retired INS Agent Michael Cutler |

·9:15am – Cam Edwards of the Second Amendment Foundation and Editor at – He will talk about the rise in violence in Inner Cities, and the Left wanting to blame guns instead of blaming defunding the police. | /

·9:40am – Gunther will play a Charlie Kirk Interview - An explanation of the Founding of this Country... and the explanation proves it was anything but racist.

Tuesday, July 13th -

·5:10am – Cam Edwards

·9:15am – Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars, and Author of ‘1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project’ – He will talk about his book, and the Critical Race Theory they are trying to force on your schools! |


Wednesday, July 14th -

·5:10am – Peter Wood

·9:15am – Joe Dallas, Author and Pastoral Counselor – The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus released a video titled ‘We will convert your children’ – Why would they do that? And what should we do about it? He’ll discuss Wednesday! |


Thursday, July 15th -

·5:10am – Joe Dallas

·9am – 10am – Various Radiothon Sponsors... telling you what they will be doing during WAEB’s Radiothon Weekend!

Friday, July 16th -

·5:10am – Kevin McGary – He says that “Critical Race Theory Lives by Lies...” – He’ll discuss this and his organization, Every Black Life Matters from the Womb to Natural Death, and more! |

·9am -10am – FINAL PUSH FOR THE WAEB RADIOTHON to benefit Animals in Distress! Poems, Inspirations and more! We need your help! Pledge Line: 610-841-4999! Powered by the VinArt Dealerships! See Radiothon Weekend ends at!


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