Gunther Guests - Jan. 8th - Jan. 12th

Gunther Guests - Week of Jan. 8th -  

Monday, Jan. 8th -

·5:10am – Tom Del Beccaro – Author of ‘The Divided Era’ – He’ll discuss the six reasons why Biden will never regain his popularity. Tom wrote about this over 26 months ago and is it still holding true today. Hear more Monday! |

·9:15am – Donna Jackson – Director of Membership Development with the Project 21 Black Leadership Network – She will talk about why Black Conservatives are cheering the Resignation of Harvard President Claudine Gay.|

·9:40am – Ethan Peck with the National Center for Public Policy Research. He’s also an associate with their Free Enterprise Project. He will talk about how companies, despite their best efforts to meet the LGBTQ scores, have tumbled in their rankings. Over 300 companies have seen their corporate equality index drop even though their policies have remained the same being Pro-LGBTQ … why is this? |

Tuesday, Jan. 9th  -

·5:10am – Ethan Peck

·9:15am – Paul Kamenar – Lead Counsel for National Legal and Policy Center – What are we talking about … We have a lot of ground to cover on legal issues surrounding Trump, Biden, Hunter Biden and folks involved in Epstein Island.  |

·9:40am – Dr. Renata Moon – Licensed Pediatrician - Her medical license is being investigated for COVID 19 misinformation. She is fighting back, and she will talk about free speech in medicine, and the weaponization of our regulatory agencies and medical schools. |

Wednesday, Jan. 10th  -

·5:10am - Paul Kamenar

·9:15am – Kevin Stocklin – Writer, Film Producer, and Former Investment Banker – He’s written a New Piece for the Epoch Times in which he talks about Wall Street’s plan to Control America’s natural resources, and we’ll discuss that article Wednesday Morning. | |

·9:40am – Tom Trento – Executive Director of The United West, and he has a new initiative called: Swords of Iron USA – He will discuss the new initiative and talk about the crisis at the border / defending the border. |

Thursday, Jan. 11th  -

·5:10am – Tom Trento

·9:15am –

·9:40am –

Friday, Jan. 12th  -

·5:10am -

·9:15am – Jerry Bruce with Restoring Justice USA - He will talk about the Jeffrey Epstein Celebrity Bombshell and the Lolita Express. And he’ll also discuss the need to restore justice and stop the two tier justice system which is … one set of rules for the rest of us, and one set for the self-proclaimed elitists. | RestoringJustice.Us

·9:40am – William Gheen – President of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC) – Talking about the crisis at the border.  And he says Nikki Haley saying illegals are not criminals … could cost Nikki her campaign. |

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