Gunther Guests - Jan. 4th - Jan. 8th

Gunther Guests – Week of Jan. 4th

Monday, Jan. 4th-

·9:10am - Open Phones

·9:40am – Sam Rohrer - President of the Pennsylvania Pastor’s Network and American Pastor’s Network – He’ll talk about the Battle for the Soul and Constitution of our Nation. |

Tuesday, Jan. 5th-

·5:10am – Gunther will play a Video Interview ofCatherine Austin Fitts – a Former Assistant HUD Secretary under George Bush 41 – Her video will explain, as one listener put it, why Pat Toomey is doing what he’s doing; And she’ll talk about the planet lock down and how it’s being used to change our monetary policy.

·9:10am – Kathy Barnette – Author of ‘Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America’ – Kathy was recently a Candidate for Congress in the 4th Congressional District, and she’s heading up one of the bus brigades to the Trump Rally on Wednesday. She’ll talk about that and Election Fraud, Tuesday Morning. |

·9:40am – Scott Shepard, Fellow at the National Center, and Deputy Director of National Center’s Free Enterprise Project – Prepare for the Man-Hate to boil back over... why is that? He’ll talk about it Tuesday with Gunther! |

Wednesday, Jan 6th-

·5:10am – Kathy Barnette

·Throughout the Morning - Gunther will talk to listeners on the bus headed down to the Trump Rally in D.C.

·9:10am – Salih Hudayar – He is the Prime Minister for the East Turkistan Government in Exile and Founder of the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement – Talking about how Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola are lobbying against a Forced Labor Bill, enslaving the Uyghurs; And he’ll talk about how China is doing all kinds of human rights violations, not just against Uyghurs but others. What does he think will happen under a Biden Administration? He’ll discuss Wednesday! | /

·9:40am – Brian Maloney with Stop the Scalpings and Red Wave America – He’ll talk about the results from Georgia, the Rally in Washington and all the controversy surrounding this election! Facebook – Stop the Scalpings and Red Wave America

Thursday, Jan. 7th

·5:10am – Brian Maloney

·9:10am –Horace Cooper, Senior Fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research – Talking about the results of the Georgia Elections and the Constitutionality of the Presidential Election Results. |

Friday, Jan. 8th

·5:10am – Horace Cooper

·9:10am – Michael Cutler, Retired Senior INS Agent – Talking about all the latest news from Georgia, election fraud and all the craziness surrounding Illegal Immigration that’s already happening, as we may be headed towards a Biden Presidency! |

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