Gunther Guests - Jan. 29th - Feb. 2nd

Gunther Guests - Week of Jan. 29th -

Monday, Jan. 29th-  

·5:10am – Tom Del Beccaro – Writer for Epoch Times, and Author of ‘The Divided Era’ – He’ll discuss his new book, the Results of the New Hampshire Primary and more! |

·9:15am – Kevin Stocklin, Writer for Epoch Times – He will talk about the mysterious disease ‘X’ that the WHO, WEF and other global organizations are preparing for. What is it? And how will it affect you? | /

·9:40am – Grant Berry – Founder of Reconnecting Ministries and Author and Producer of ‘The Romans 911 Project’ – What does he mean … Romans 911? He’ll discuss Monday. |

Tuesday, Jan. 30th -   

·5:10am – Kevin Stocklin

·9:15am – Chad Koppie – Candidate for Illinois 7th Congressional District – He is talking about how Chicago Residents have had enough of Illegals, and they are abandoning Democrats because of it. He’ll also talk about his run for Congress and other hot issues. |

·9:40am –Author, Pedro Israel Orta – He brings his 18 years of experience as a CIA Veteran to his memoir ‘The Broken Whistle’ – He will talk about the ineptitude, incompetence, and failures at the highest levels of Intelligence Leadership. |

Wednesday, Jan. 31st -    

·5:10am - Pedro Israel Orta

·9:15am – Rainer Zitelmann – Historian, Sociologist and Author of ‘Unbreakable Spirit: Rising Above All Odds’ – Talking about his book. And, even though Lenen has been dead for 100 years … why is the Left is still trying to reinstate his murderous agenda? |

·9:40am – Brandon J. Weichert – Author of ‘The Shadow War: Iran’s Quest for Supremacy’ – Talking about his book, and Iran wanting just that, Supremacy. How much are they behind everything in Israel and the Middle East. | / X: @WetheBrandon

Thursday, Feb. 1st -    

·5:10am – Brandon J. Weichert

·9:15am – Arnaud Armstrong – Talking about a piece he wrote in the Federalist … ‘It’s Past Time to Break Up the GOP Consulting Blob’. He’ll talk about that and more Thursday! |

·9:40am – Rachel Ehrenfeld – Author of ‘The Soros Agenda’ – She will talk about her book, and talk about Alex Soros tweeting out a bullet hole and 47 … was that a direct threat against Donald Trump? | (American Center for Democracy and Economic Warfare Institute)

Friday, Feb. 2nd -  

·5:10am – Rachel Ehrenfeld

·9am to 10am- Jon Merwarth – CEO of Bright Hope Pregnancy Support Centers and Amy Stevens – Former Legislator from Colorado and Political Consultant – Talking about: Planned Parenthood trying to end any regulations and inspections of their facilities. Jon and Amy will go over a list of their appalling violations. |

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