Gunther Guests - Jan. 24th - Jan. 28th

Gunther Guests – Week of Jan. 24th

Monday, Jan . 24th -

·5:10am – Michael Cutler, Retired Senior INS Agent – Talking about the Ghost Flights into ABE and the Midnight Flights of Joe Biden. |

·9:10am – Stephen Halbrook, Senior Fellow at the Independence Institute, also the winner of (3) cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and Author of the New Book: ‘The Right to Bear Arms, a Constitutional Right of the People or a Privilege of the Ruling Class’ – Talking about his book, and an upcoming Supreme Court Case that relates to his book. | /

·9:40am – Wayne Allyn Root – Multi-Time Award Winning Author, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host, and Founder of Root for America – He’ll talk about the lunacy of the Left on COVID, Biden’s Failing Presidency and more! |

Tuesday, Jan. 25th-

·5:10am – Stephen Halbrook

·9:10am – Mike Hill, Former GA Legislator – He says: ‘Many Blacks are Fleeing from the Blue States...’ Are they finally getting it or will they bring their politics with them? He’ll discuss Tuesday! |

·9:40am – Vince Everett Ellison – Author, Speaker and Challenger – He’ll discuss his book: ‘25 Lies: Exposing Democrats Most Dangerous, Seductive, Damnable, Destructive Lies and How to Refute Them’ |

Wednesday, Jan. 26th -

·5:10am – Vince Everett Ellison

·9:10am – Dean Browning, Former Lehigh County Commissioner – His Headline Is: “We have Proof of Improper Ballots in the 2021 Election” – He will discuss the proof with Gunther, Wednesday Morning! |

·9:40am – Former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel, David Rubin – Author of ‘Confronting Radicals: What America Can Learn from Israel’ – He’ll talk about a political earthquake coming to Israel ... the fate of Benjamin Netanyahu. | and

Thursday, Jan. 27th -

·5:10am – Dean Browning

·9:10am – NCLA (New Civil Liberties Alliance) Senior Counsel John Vecchione Discussing the ruling by the U.S. District Court in Texas that blocked another Biden COVID 19 mandate. What does that mean for the rest of us, and other cases that are pending. |

·9:40am – Tom Del Beccaro, Writer for Political Vanguard, Epoch Times and the Daily Mail and Author of ‘The Divided Era’ – Talking about all the hot issues from Biden’s Anemic Poll Numbers to the latest rulings on COVID, our problems with Russia and more! |

Friday, Jan. 28th -

·5:10am – Tom Del Beccaro

·9:10am – Rachel Lee – RNC Communications Director for the Northeast and Former Trump Communications Director in Pennsylvania – She’ll discuss the Politics of Susan Wild and Matt Cartwright, and she’ll talk about other hot political issues! |

·9:40am – John Zmirak, Senior Editor of the Stream – He is calling us from Texas. He’ll tell us the state of Illegal Immigration and the Political Atmosphere in Texas, and he’ll talk all the hot issues including the recent rulings on COVID Vaccines and more! |


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