Gunther Guests - Jan. 23rd - Jan. 27th

Gunther Guests –  Week of Jan. 23rd

Monday, Jan. 23rd –

·5:10am – Michael Cutler – Retired, Senior INS Agent – Talking about: The U.N. giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Illegal Immigrants entering the United States. |

·9:15am – Gregg Roman – Director of the Middle East Forum - Talking about the Power Struggle in Israel. How much can Netanyahu really affect change in Israel? And we’ll discuss other Issues in the Middle East. |

·9:40am – Eric Caron – Former Special Agent and Author of: ‘Switched On’ – Discussing: The Garage Gate / Biden Document Scandal. And he’ll talk about another issue … why is President Biden ignoring one of his most important Constitutional Duties and how that is affecting your children. |

Tuesday, Jan. 24th -

·5:10am – Greg Roman

·9:15am – Michael Busler – Public Policy Analyst and Professor of Finance at Stockton University – Raising the debt ceiling … should WE CARE if the Government shuts down? He’ll discuss that and other Economic issues, Tuesday Morning! | FB: The Economics of Freedom

·9:40am – Nathan Cuneen – Communications Associate with the American Federation for Children – Arizona Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs is proposing to end the State’s School Choice Program… He’ll talk about that and other education issues. |

Wednesday, Jan. 25th  –

·5:10am – Michael Busler

·9:10am – Mark Walters with the Second Amendment Foundation – The Supreme Court just refused to issue a Stay against another set of oppressive anti-gun laws in NY State. He’ll talk about that and other Second Amendment Issues. |


Thursday, Jan. 26th  -

·5:10am - Mark Walters

·9:15am – Dean Browning, Former Lehigh County Commissioner – The window is closing to get two really important ballot initiatives passed in the legislature including one that would require Voter ID. Dean is going to explain what’s going on and what we need to do Thursday Morning. | NO Website / Facebook Page: Dean Browning

·9:45am – Jim Harden – CEO of Compass Care Pregnancy Centers – Talking about: The politicization of the FBI and the abdication of their duty to investigate attacks on Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers. |

Friday, Jan. 27th  -

·5:10am – Jim Harden

·9:10am – David Shestokas – Author and Constitutional Lawyer – Talking about a Court Case he’s involved in that may prove Artificial Intelligence rigged an election in the mid-terms. |

·9:40am -


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