Gunther Guests - Feb. 6th - Feb. 10th

Gunther Guests –  Week of Feb. 6th  

Monday, Feb. 6th

·5:10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – Talking about the Welcome Core that our government is paying for with your tax dollars to welcome Illegal Immigrants to America. |

·9:15am – Melanie Collette - Business Technology Expert and Political Commentator for both Project 21 and the National Center for Public Policy Research – She will talk about the Council Woman who was Gunned Down in NJ, Al Sharpton’s comments at Tyre Nichols’ Funeral and she’ll discuss Black History Month. |

·9:40am – Dr. Phil W. Magness – Senior Research Faculty and Director of Research and Education at the American Institute for Economic Research. He’s also a Research Fellow at the Independence Institute. He has a background encompassing the economic history of the United States. He’ll talk about the Economic Research he has done as it applies to the 1619 Project and why that is such a false narrative. |

Tuesday, Feb. 7th  -

·5:10am – Melanie Collette

·9:15am – Pete Hutchison – President of the Landmark Legal Foundation – Discussing the Supreme Court Agenda, and the Department of Justice Hypocrisy. |  

·9:40am – Dr. Thomas Hogan – Senior Research Faculty at the American Institute for Economic Research. Talking about: How the Fed is veering off course by throwing itself into the middle of climate policy and why that’s bad news for all of us. |

Wednesday, Feb. 8th  –

·5:10am – Pete Hutchison

·9:10am – Michael O’Neill Esq. – Serves as Assistant General Counsel and the Barbara K. Olson Legal Counsel at the Landmark Legal Foundation – He’ll talk about the failed leak investigation at the Supreme Court. And Student Loan Forgiveness heads to the Supreme Court … he’ll talk about that, and more Wednesday Morning. |


Thursday, Feb. 9th    -

·5:10am - Michael O’Neill Esq.

·9:15am – Karen Straughan – Outspoken Critic of Feminism and Advocate for Men’s Rights – She will talk about a Catholic Student who is against Transgenders using Girls’ Bathrooms. He was banned from school and he’s the culprit for standing up for women’s rights. Hear more Thursday. | You Tube: GirlWritesWhat | Facebook: GirlWritesWhat

·9:45am – A.J. Rice – CEO of Publius PR and Author of ‘The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture’ – Talking about all the hot issues including Biden and the Classified Documents, our anemic response to China’s aggression, and talking about how the new GOP Chair of the House Financial Services Committee is more concerned about Diversity, Inclusion and Equity than he is about protecting your money! |

Friday, Feb. 10th   -

·5:10am – A.J. Rice

·9:10am –

·9:40am – Steven Rabb – Author of the Critically Acclaimed Best Selling Book: ‘The Founders Speech to a Nation in Crisis’ – He addresses the retelling of the American Revolution through the False Narrative of the 1619 Project. |


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