Gunther Guests - Feb. 20th - Feb. 24th

Gunther Guests –  Week of Feb. 20th

Monday, Feb. 20th

·5:10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – Talking about the latest way the Government is encouraging illegal immigration … using ‘U’ Visas. Hear this and more Immigration News, Monday. |

·9:10am – Jared Knott – Author of ‘Tiny Blunders / Big Disasters: 39 Mistakes That Changed the World Forever.’ Jared is also a Decorated Combat Infantry Officer having served in Vietnam – He will be discussing: Are we making a Blunder with China in the way we handled the Spy Balloon? |

·9:45am – Gordon Knight – Author of ‘Deep 6 Diaries’ – Talking about how Canadian Corruption got his book banned in America. You won’t believe how much his story affects your life. |

Tuesday, Feb. 21st   -

·5:10am – Jared Knott

·9:15am – Gabriella Hoffman – Media Strategist and Award-Winning Outdoor Writer, Host of the District of Conservation Podcast, and C-Fact’s (Committee for A Constructive Tomorrow) You Tube Series: Conservation Nation – She is discussing Humpback Whales are dying due to Offshore Wind. She’ll tell us more Tuesday Morning. |

·9:40am – Dr. Bonner Cohen – Sr. Fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research where he focuses on Energy, Natural Resources, and International Relations. Also, a Sr. Policy Advisory with the Heartland Institute, and Sr. Policy Advisory for Committee for A Constructive Tomorrow – He will talk about the Environmental Disaster in Ohio. |

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd

·5:10am – Gabriella Hoffman

·9:10am – Horace Cooper, Senior Fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, Chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board and a legal commentator – He is discussing the fact that we need reconciliation, not lies and reparations. |

·9:45am – Paul Kamenar – Lead Counsel for the National Legal and Policy Center - Talking about: China’s donations to the University of Delaware after it became associated with Joe Biden. |

Thursday, Feb. 23rd -

·5:10am - Horace Cooper

·9:15am – Christina Bobb – Author of ‘Stealing Your Vote: Inside the Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024.’ She also currently serves as one of President Trump’s Attorney – She will give her opinion on the results of the Georgia Election Probe. And what does it mean for Former President Trump? |

·9:45am –  Dr. Robert Malone – Author of ‘Lies My Government Told Me: And the Better Future is Coming’ – He is the original inventor of MRNA and DNA vaccine technologies with 9 issued patents. He was banned from social media, and the Government went after him because he was attempting to tell people the truth about the COVID ‘inoculations.’ He’ll tell you what the Government wouldn’t let him tell you the last two years about COVID and the so-called vaccines. |

Friday, Feb. 24th   -

·5:10am – Dr. Robert Malone

·9:15am – Reggie Littlejohn – Founder and President of ‘Women’s Rights Without Frontiers’ and Co-Chair of the Stop Vax Passports Task Force – Talking all the latest news about how much the Government got it wrong about COVID. And will tracking our COVID 19 Vaccine Status lead to surveillance and control? |

·9:40am – Wayne White –Author, Political Commentator, Historian and Author of ‘The Decline of America – The Rise of Communism’ – Talking about: Is the decline of America a perception or reality? |


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