Gunther Guests - Feb. 13th - Feb. 17th

Gunther Guests –  Week of Feb. 13th  

Monday, Feb. 13th

·5:10am – Steven Rabb – Author of the Critically Acclaimed Best Selling Book: ‘The Founders Speech to a Nation in Crisis’ – He addresses the retelling of the American Revolution through the False Narrative of the 1619 Project. |

·9:10am – Scott Uehlinger – Retired CIA Officer – Talking About: The Latest Incident … The U.S. has shot down another unidentified flying object over Alaska. He’ll also talk about the shooting down of the Chinese Balloon, and did the U.S. take out the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline and what are the ramifications of that? | @TheStationChief – Twitter

·9:45am – Robert Spencer – Director of Jihad Watch, and Author of ‘The Sumter Gambit: How the Left is Trying to Foment a Civil War’ – He’ll talk about his book, and that theme Monday. |

Tuesday, Feb. 14th  -

·5:10am – Scott Uehlinger

·9:15am – Tom Harris – Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition - He will do a climate fact check. Is the Ocean Boiling Over? What are the latest numbers from NOAA and what do they mean? And how should they really be interpreted? | 

·9:40am – William Gheen – Founder and Executive Director of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC) – Talking about Joe Biden’s unbelievable statements during the State of the Union about the Fentanyl Crisis. Gheen will talk about just how much has come across the border since Biden was president. |

Wednesday, Feb. 15th  –

·5:10am – William Gheen

·9:10am – Dr. Richard Urso – One of America’s Front Line Doctors, a Scientist and the sole inventor of an FDA approved wound healing drug – He will talk to Gunther about RNA. He says “it is a natural born killer” and guess what’s in the COVID vaccine… |

·9:45am – Tom Del Beccaro – Author of ‘The Divided Era’ - Talking about the State of the Union Address, how the U.S. is handling China, Russia and the Ukraine and hot other issues! |

Thursday, Feb. 16th -

·5:10am - Tom Del Beccaro


·9:45am –  (Tentative) – Dr. Robert Malone – Author of ‘Lies My Government Told Me: And the Better Future is Coming’ – He is the original inventor of MRNA and DNA vaccine technologies with 9 issued patents. He was banned from social media, and the Government went after him because he was attempting to tell people the truth about the COVID ‘inoculations.’ He’ll tell you what the Government wouldn’t let him tell you the last two years about COVID and the so-called vaccines. |

Friday, Feb. 17th   -

·5:10am – (Tentative) – Dr. Robert Malone

·9am – 10am – Retired Senior INS Agent, Michael Cutler – He will take Joe Biden to task about his State of the Union statements on Immigration, Fentanyl and more! |


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