Gunther Guests - Dec. 21st - Dec. 25th

Saturday, Dec. 19th

·12N – 1PM – Gunther will be LIVE from the WAEB Studios for the Children’s Home of Easton ‘Christmas Party’ Broadcast! Our CHE elves will be at the HOME giving Gunther and our listeners the live play by play of this year’s Christmas Festivities! Powered by: MTM Financial.

THANK YOU to our WAEB LISTENERS for another record breaker! $185,000 Raised + Gifts – THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We’d also like to thank the WAEB TEAM, MTM Financial Group / Gene Dickison, Ironton Telephone, PenTeleData, Lehigh Sweets, Elizabeth Mulrine Catering, all of our Matching Money Sponsors and all of the Phone Volunteers! We saw MORE gifts than last year, and more donations than last year! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Merry Christmas!

Gunther Guests – Week of Dec. 21st

Monday, Dec. 21st -

·5:10am – Sam Rohrer, President of the Pennsylvania Pastor’s Network and American Pastor’s Network – The Supreme Court is refusing to hear any of the cases surrounding election fraud, and presidential race... does it border of treason? He’ll discuss that, and what the President needs to do to win this battle Monday Morning! |

·9:10am – Dylan Howard – Journalist and Author of ‘COVID 19: The Greatest Cover Up in History – From Wuhan to the White House’ – He has spent his life investigating Scandals, including one on Princess Diana and Paula Deen. He’ll discuss his book and more Monday with Gunther! |

·9:40am – Larry Klayman, Founder and Former Chairman of the Non-Profit: Judicial Watch and Author of ‘It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!’ – He’ll talk his book, and exactly what he means by it! |

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd-

·5:10am – Dylan Howard

·9:10am – Dr. Michael Rectenwald – He has written the ‘1984’ of the COVID era, titled ‘Thought Criminal’ – It shows what can happen to a society eager to comply with tyrannical rules. He’ll discuss it with Gunther Tuesday! |

·9:40am – Judd Dunning – Author of ‘13 1/2 Reasons Why NOT to Be a Liberal: And How to Enlighten Others’ – He’ll talk about his book, and those reasons! |

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd-

·5:10am – Dr. Michael Rectenwald

·9am to 10am – Gunther Christmas Send Off Show! Poems, Thoughts, Inspirations and more!

Thursday, Dec. 24th- CHRISTMAS EVE

·Dan Holzman in for Bobby Gunther Walsh. Merry Christmas Eve!

Friday, Dec 25th – CHRISTMAS DAY!

·8am – 9am - Catch a REBROADCAST of the Children’s Home of Easton Christmas Party on NewsRadio 790 WAEB, powered by: MTM Financial


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